Which you want on a watch that is designed for the abuse of the wearer. Since I do actually like the watch I decided that it might be best to contact MTM and see if I could send it back to them and have some real lume applied to the hands and markers. The links are held in place by octagon head screws which the included tool are removed with ease. Does it continue to vibrate until you acknowledge the alarm or is it just a quick vibration and then nothing? Notable Features From the manufacturer: He then demonstrates the function of the lock down buttons on each side and compares them in relation to similar watches. Perfect for a small to moderate shot of light on a situation or that late night trip to the pisser.

You can use the bezel as a compass with positioning it with the sun. I have a spot on my dresser where I keep the watch and even the smallest light in my room at night keep me awake. I suspect it will be ideal for hiking. His experience with firearms and ability to quickly train others has led him to grow from student teacher to premier U. July 14th, 7. I know it’s your review,but i think you are really off base with this one.

Other watches in this category have buttons that are either too small if you have man-hands or they stick out too far and get pushed by accident. Silencer review Just a note! The links are held in place by octagon head screws which the included tool are removed with ease. But I figure if you want to clarify which silencer I’m writing about this will give you the answer. Last edited by Hamilman; March 15th, at The crown and the pushers are easy to grip thanks to the precise and excellant edges.


It has a unique vibrating alarm which I prefer and the led lights to go with. At the bottom end I have several seiko fives, a few citizens.

I spend a lot of time in the elements, outdoors, and where there is a lot of abuse to the watch silender my wrist. At the top of the list. The sandblasted finish is the perfect in between place.

Watch Review: MTM Special Ops Silencer

It’s cool for diver watches,but not here. I know they have a watch or two that actually rrview have super luminova but this one does not. If a watch can hold up to what they can dish-out, then it surely can with what the general public can put it through.

I tried to upload pics of the watch from my iPad with no success. So the best I can do is attach a link of the watch at MTM’s website. The electroluminescent display is cool and unique however I’m rather disappointed that you can’t turn it on and have it stay on. She told me since it has lights in it that they don’t concern themselves with lumping the hands.

So enough about me lets get to the point. Dive watches are my true love. The crown as well mtk the pushers don’t dig into my wrist when I bend or flex and there are easily accessible. I hope this helps those of you contemplating buying one of there watches.

And I wattch a rather unique illness. Wtch Ricoh is very elegant dressy in rather small casing with sapphire crystal too. It’s just that your left wanting a little more.

I’ve been actively involved in the watch universe for over 15 years, trying to contribute what I can, where I can.

But, before I do that let me just give you a little insight about me as it may help with perspective and the overall digestion of the opinions that I’m about to put mtmm. I love how solid this bracelet feels on the Silencer. So those are my thoughts. The case comes in at 44m x 14mm From shape and feel alone this watch is battle ready.


Navy SEAL Approved: MTM Special Ops Silencer Watch

And after receiving it I don’t like that it says special ops on it. Even the triangle lugs have some great detail and angles. It’s really really disappointing.

Most revuew I won’t either not at the prices there asking that is. I can say that the fit and finish of the watch is spectacular. The square case has beautiful angles throughout. The two led lights are pretty bright. I want to personally thank MTM for this honor and for this opportunity for the review.

Official Navy SEAL Approved Watch: MTM Special Ops Silencer – Review

revoew I’m a realist and know I could never wear that badge of honor. In essence, it has awesome curb appeal so to speak Each individual pusher has a locking collar. He wore it for a couple of months and recently posted the review on his website.

Someone who is out of touch, that’s who. Silencer review I feel compelled to write and express my opinion’s regarding the latest addition to my growing collection of watches.

April 23rd, 4. I beleive as I previously stated that they are marketing experts. Check out the pics to see how nice.

I was left rather stranded in my search. Each button on the side can be locked downso it doesn’t get bumped and this is another rugged feature of the watch.