Soha asks Dhruv to call Manik. Everyone goes to the party. Manik and Nandini fight with each other. With everyone inside the house, Manik tries to sneak Nandini out of his house. Harshad stops Mukti from contacting Dhruv at the bar. Manik gets angry with Nandini when she throws the gift out of the window. Harshad messes up with FAB5 and tries breaking them apart.

The FAB5 try to resolve their differences before the performance at S. Trilok over hears their conversation. Nandini informs her uncle and aunt that she has been working in the college cafe. Raghav sir asks all of them to prepare for the upcoming music competition. The principal and Nandini make a deal to bring Navya back. Kabir tells Raghav that Manik knows about him now. Nandini’s plan to surprise Manik flops miserably after which he expresses his love for her. Everyone tries to cheer Alya.

Alya talks to Dhruv about her emotions. With Dhruv’s moment lost, Alia and Mukti yaarlaan in some tete-a-tete. Manik indulges in self-pity. Nandini tells Manik about Harshad’s plan. Navya is in a dilemma as her dreams can only be fulfilled by joining FAB5. Kabir changes room to allow Manik and Nandini their time but Soha won’t give up so easily. Nandini and Manik perform together on Friendship Day.

Alya compels Manik to end his contract with Nandini. Nandini’s last-minute persuation gives Navya the impetus to sing in the competition. Harshad finds Manik’s phone and uses it as a medium to cause damage to FAB5.


For the concert, Trilok finds bringing Dhruv and Nandini together a challange.

Nandini and Manik checkout the construction site. Nandini isn’t happy about signing the contract. Everyone is excited about Fab5’s performance. Kabir pranks Manik by making a mike announcement. Nandini informs her uncle and aunt that she has been working in the college cafe. Kabir tells Mukti and Alya that Dhruv is not ready to understand. Manik and Nandini are stressed out on Dhruv’s absence in the college.

Manik worries that he’ll never be able to be friends with Dhruv again.

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Kabir’s mother comes to meet him at the college. Kabir plans to escape Navya’s responsibility by calling her mother to Mumbai and peps himself up for his first day on the job.

Aryaman and Harshad turn out to be childhood friends who want yaariaaan destroy FAB5. Dhruv prefers to stay away when the rest of the group come together. Its officially declared that Manik and Nandini are dating. Navya returns to S. Nyonika comes up with a plan to make Manik jealous.

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Manik thrashes him and this worsens the situation. Manik saves Nandini from Prof Pandit’s clutches, but she suffers a great shock. Kabir blames Manik for his insensitive games.


An inebriated Manik narrowly escapes being discovered by Nupur. Dhruv’s outburst shatters Manik but Nandini stands rock steady by him. Everyone is worried about Mukti’s threat. Dhruv feels insecure as Aryaman tries to get close to Alya.

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Kabir’s mother tries to convince him into staying with him. Nandini is drunk and tries to kiss Manik who stops her and drops her back home. Dhruv comes and apologizes to everyone. Alya faints and falls down. The next day at the college, Manik tries to hinder Nandini’s practice session with Professor Pandit.

Nandini learns about Soha’s plans.

Sunny meets Navya kaiso the college. Manik’s operation is successful. The FAB5 try to resolve their differences before the performance at S. Kabir finds Nandini at Manik’s house. Manik and Nandini fight with each other. Navya tells Nandini she is in love with Harshad.