I mean, you can’t do hocus pocus to retrieve the fox bead when you’re a human already –maybe that’s why dongjoo forbid her to mate with daewoong? I loved and sniffled I did NOT cry! Since when a heroine with a tail looks so pretty!!! He forces her to act the part, so they go through the motions of taking away her beef, threatening to eat him up, then fearing for his life. None of the pictures oh! I loved the main actors, they were perfect together. She bounds upstairs and with much fanfare, she presents him with…. But fear and jealousy lead to no human male accepting her and no mother allowing their son to marry her.

He slumps to the ground, sobbing. Anyway, I’m leaving the comments of Dramabeans for now. She pouts, but when he takes her hand again, this time interlocking their fingers, she smiles, and they walk home swinging their hands back and forth in their usual explosion of adorableness. Ways this drama could end: A few episodes before this week, when she was watching the TV programme with Dong Joo and the screen was showing a couple kissing, Mi Ho said she knows what they are doing and told him that they are ‘mating’. He grabs her by the wrist gah and yells at her to take it. I’m glad u got a good one after last week!!! Contrary to his previous eagerness to please her, now Dae-woong answers solemnly without excuses:

I was biting my cow-coloured pillow for the whole hours watching the episode – an hour for the ep, another just rewinding the last scene Then it’s once every years or so. Sausage in His Pocket bwahahahahaha!!! And for that, among a host of other reasons, I love her to bits. No need to continue this, since anyone who agrees agrees and anyone who doesn’t doesn’t. I nearly cried reading the recap here.

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I swear it’s like only getting to eat good food twice a week lol. Oh my god, she cracks me up.


Each recap makes me want to see the ep. Besides her two tails can grow back with the bead back in her. The reason why this drama is so amazing is because of him and of course, every one else much love to Shin Min Ah. MGIG though not perfect in terms of plot and storyline is still quite enjoyable to me on the whole.

You have nine of them! Right now I have multiple guesses on how this drama might end, BUT I will be depending on the Hong Sisters to surprise me, if not, entertain me, with the ending of this one! What else did i forget??

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Thank you so so much. I can’t hardly nine-tailer to watch this episode. For all intents and purposes, in my opinion, they were placeholders.

I nine-taildd so too, best first kiss ever! Dong-joo points her toward the fairy tale section and picks out the Little Mermaid for her as an example of a character who wanted to turn human. I look forward to dying form cuteness on Friday She realizes the wisdom of that and heads home to make up with Dae-woong, but finds the door locked.

Heh, I must be perverse, because I’m totally thrilled with being stalked by an awesome lady like you. I want to smile soooo bad: He pleads with Mi-ho to stop, but she tells him grimly to move aside. They altered a lot of them, but most of the endings to their movies are still the same as fx originals.

But I read it right They really make my day. Lastly, I’ve gotta give props to No Min-woo.


Thankfully she lands on the safety mat below, but the injury is more about her bead than the fall. Dong-joo tells her to go to him, and leaves them to fate. Episode 13 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Download the latest version here. I was too busy fuming and getting all dramabexns up and hating the 2nd lead dramabdans think about the the fastforward button. Numbers shot up to Love it to bits. That appeases him a little, but he still petulantly tells her that she looked like she was having fun eating on tv with the chicken shop ajumma, and that she can spend all her time with Dong-joo if she pleases, but to answer her phone.


You’re definitely the odd one out if you think Lee Seung Gi foxx a “horrible” actor. Dong-joo meets Dae-woong on a rooftop and feeds him the lie—if he takes the bead back, and fills it with the rest of his kiDong-joo will kill him at the end of the hundred days and return the bead to Mi-ho, saving her.

I can’t stop gushing over his awesome-ness. Because miho was made from gildal’s goblin fire as what the recaps said:. I just think he’s not a good actor. Amazing recap for a fantastical episode.

Doesn’t the fact that the actor causes you to break out of the immersion you were in and realize you’re watching a series because of his performance, make him just not work for me? Instead of all this book nonsense, they could watch animated princesses and anthropomorphic animals sing and dance to a happy ending!

There’s something weird about the his motives, but I think all of us have been bewitched by his pretty face so we don’t even care. It is interesting to me how Mi Ho is the monster but she isn’t the monstrous character.