As he remembers her after a three day fling and was serious on seeing her again when they got back, I would say Sena was very much of the second kind for him. So is it worth it? Samsooki the Deluded What happened to learning and moving on?! The hazy ending of this series has always been a fan complaint, so at best, I think one can argue for a particular point of view, but I think it would be wrong to say there’s a single, definitive reading of the ending. I for one think it was gutsy. Trying to look magnanimous, Hee-won asks Song Yi if she wants a job at the local amusement park, where she will gain access to a lot of cute guys; Song Yi takes the bait — but ends up having to don a male clown costume in the park, sweating and having to put up with the indignities of little children hitting her costume.

It isn’t only Hyun-sung who likes Hee-won, though. She laughs when she is happy, she punches when she is upset, and she shovels food into her mouth when she is hungry. To give you your due, if the drama had ended at exactly what you mentioned above, then I would’ve thought, “Oh yeah, so JNR did choose KRW in the end, cool. Though after watching if a few times I decided it was just a kiss shared.. The ending was really funny. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. It must have been on sale – heavily discounted.

Her frenemy Hee-won is the sweet heart of gold type who goes out of her way to be nice and ensure everyone loves her.

All the other characters were grown ups who episodw like they were ten years old, pouting, fighting, whining, unintelligent, antagonistic toward one another, and I found it difficult to believe that anyone would hire them for any job, much less at an amusement park the setting of this drama where families gathered daily to have a good time.

Episodes by odilettante.

My Love Patzzi Review (SPOILERS)

I watch it because of KRW I loved your arguments, Samsooki. There, Song-yee is given the job as a mascot, having to wear a hot suit with a huge head think Mickey Mouse at Disney World. I think everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I am not dissing the merits of the drama – it was, still, an enjoyable watch, but not, I think the best that K-drama has to offer. Basically everyone got their comeuppance, ‘cus that’s the way Song Yi rolls, yo!


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Thanks for all of your great posts though – I enjoyed reading the commentary. He ends up by the fountain, the site of many a heart-to-heart chat with her. I tried and tried and tried to read between the lines, but there isn’t any. When the three reunite as adults later on, SY is still smitten, but seeing how HW makes a beeline for him, she dejectedly sighs to herself about how handsome he still is.

From that point on, I can understand her actions. I watched through all the eps, didn’t skip any part, thought the character set-up was quite nice and thought the story was so-so but enough to entertain me.

Seeing that he needs help, she ends up saving him and causing him to fall in love with the “angel” who rescued him. After a somewhat disastrous school play, Song-yee gets fired from her job. Sorry Samsooki i love reading your defense but i will still stick with Dahee and Javabeans explanation of bizarre MLP ending.

I have no choice but to drag you, kicking and flailing, from the dead horse that you are now flogging to a pulp.

My Love Patzzi () Korean Drama Review

I don’t even like seals! And the battle continues Hyun-sung pauses for a moment, then remembers Hee-won and chases after them.

Why did this Patzzi war start suddenly? These comments were the last straws, episde it were. Thank you so much for writing this up! But in the end, I think these same strengths can create brain aneurysms filters sometimes that block certain dramas from touching them, and consequently, others that follow them are apt su,mary fall into the same trap. Man, Samsooki, you are persistent! She didn’t suit him at all. Just think of it as we are doing these ‘low-end’ dramas a favor.

I know this took place like 10 years jy, but I think they had security cameras even 20 years ago. My Love Patzzi Favorite. As he talks with Hee-won, Song-yee realizes who Hyun-sung is and is a little hurt he doesn’t remember her, but doesn’t have time to dwell on it as Hyun-sung and Hee-won go off to catch up with each other.

She admits that she isn’t sure its love or what it is. If she likes you, she will tell you, wearing a cute sea lion hat and holding a rose in her mouth. As stated before by JB, the fact that this argument still lingers, and both sides have maintain a very strong position, it lends to the credibility that the ending is if not clear at least vague in the way we consider to be in love.


Episode 12 by LollyPip. BUt she sticks to her characteristics as straight forward person when she chooses she gives precedence to what she knows and is comfortable with companionship friendship etc with KRW. But the main issue here of course is that Song-yi, through stupidity and incredibly bad judgement, actually caused the train fire herself yet conveniently forgot about episoode and took all the credit for the rescue and none of the blame for the actual incident.

Of course, the job is not the greatest as Hee Won puts her into the most embarrassing position as a mascot. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

Episode 6 by Helcat.

Making his choice, he breaks away from Song-yee and takes Hee-won’s hand. I understand your argument but it’s gonna take more than that to change my opinion of the drama.

Wouldn’t they have let us know that what she has with him is what she really wants for life, over the standard sweaty palms and giggles? Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. My Love, Patzzi Hangul: I don’t find the actress totally annoying, but her character makes me insane.

I believe this may actually be the first show I did on my Roku box oh, how far we have come. Hee-won, seeing that two men have fallen for Song-yee, proceeds to do what she does best, and tries her hardest to steal Seung-joon from her while making Song-yee look bad in the process, though Seung-joon might be harder to steal than she originally expected. If only it ends at the fountain scene.