Episodes by odilettante. He doesn’t know who she is, but has her coat and so he uses that to look for her. In fact, I didn’t see any of the ending scenes as decisive or romantic. You might be watching a K-Drama if…. If it ended at the fountain scene, then I would totally agree with Samsooki – hey, it’s the Shin Woo rule of the airport right hope I get it right LOL.. It reminded me of all of those dramas and movies where the girl ends up with the “best friend” type of guy, who has always stood by her.

As stated before by JB, the fact that this argument still lingers, and both sides have maintain a very strong position, it lends to the credibility that the ending is if not clear at least vague in the way we consider to be in love. Or several ideas of this drama. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Because of that sense of betrayal, I remember literally throwing my pillow at the TV screen when I saw this ending. Thanks for these reviews! I even watched the whole of last ep twice just to make sure of the ending. What’s the point of discussing something which is so old and outdated.

Why did this Patzzi war start suddenly? Because of that sense of betrayal, I remember literally throwing my pillow at the TV screen when I saw this ending. What she does know is that he’s important to her, therefore, she’d rather to be with KRW and shoot, I would too! She only jumps on KRW lovve they are all friends. If it ended at the fountain scene, then I would totally agree with Samsooki – llove, it’s the Shin Woo rule of the airport right hope I get it right LOL.

You might also enjoy: As he talks with Hee-won, Song-yee realizes who Hyun-sung is and is a little hurt he doesn’t remember her, but doesn’t have time to dwell on it as Hyun-sung and Kove go off to catch up with each other.

Can’t you all do something more constructive? It isn’t only Hyun-sung who likes Hee-won, though. One that I would realize my true love, and one so patzi I would get caught for the parade car fire. It was the second coin, the trying not to get caught causing the fire wish coin, did not come true patzi KRW tossed it out, thinking it was the true love wish coin.


This entry was posted in Movies. Gosh, synopwis like going through time machine all over again. You’re concentrating on the happy sweet part, rather than the traumatizing okay, maybe only upsetting scenes to come. What is it I like about K-Dramas? Hyun-sung is startled, but it is Song-yee’s turn to be surprised when Hee-won walks right up to the two of them and extends her hand to Hyun-sung.

I think a girl can feel butterflies for a person and find a soulmate, a partner who will be able to share her life with another.

That aside, I’m all with you Samsooki. I must be one of the few ladies to be lucky enough to have a husband who enjoys watching these with me.

From their youth, friends Song Yi “Patzzi – Jang Nara and Hee-won Eun “Kongji” – Hong Eun-hee like the same boy, Seung-joon Kang, a boy from a rich home, and at first it ysnopsis Hee-won will just back off and let Song Yi sit next to him in class, but Hee-won causes a disturbance and she gets to sit next to him instead of Song Yi, showing her true nature to Song Yi for the first time.

I just want to say I enjoyed this mini-recap. I sjnopsis Kim Rae Won.

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Trying to look magnanimous, Hee-won asks Song Yi if she wants a job at the local amusement park, where she will gain access to a lot of cute guys; Song Yi takes the bait — but ends up having to don a male clown costume in the park, sweating and having to put up with the indignities of little children hitting her costume. Perhaps the bit of editorializing in the translation also leans toward a reading I don’t personally see?

Sometimes it’s actually fun to see where they all started out in their careers. Shes cute but her expression can sometimes be really overacting The rest of it is joking around. I want a patented Kim! Hee-won, Seung-joon, Song-yee, and Hyun-sung. I watch it because of KRW Thank God it was only ten episodes! Sorry Samsooki i love reading your defense but i will still stick with Dahee and Javabeans explanation of bizarre MLP ending.


I’m glad I did not imagine it, heh: I tried and tried and tried to read between the lines, but there isn’t any. Synopsos only did Jae Won look like him, he sounded just like him, he had the same mannerisms, the same style of acting, the same smile, and of course was wearing glasses like Bae does. But it is kind of silly and unrealistic. Episodes by Lvoe. Song Yi walks up to a stunned KRWtaking the coin out of his hand and tossing it back into the water.

The second lead didn’t need to be a scheming monster – she just needed to be so treacly and limp that we could despise her vicariously through the eyes of the main character.

I didn’t even care about Yon-sama. It’s like Phoebe’s mother turning off Old Yeller right before the poor dog gets shot. One more post and this debate will have taken up the entire front page of JB’s site. So long friends, this is my last posting in Dramabeans.

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While planning to merely do a little damage to a float, she inadvertently causes it to catch on fire as Seung-joon is taking it for a spin. He truly IS a “Prince”.

It is then that Hee-won comes up to the both of them, calms them down, and walks off with Song-yee.

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K-Drama Review: My Love Patzzi

On your recommendation, we watched The Greatest Love, and that was definitely in our top three. Samsooki I am almost convinced, but can’t get that after 1 year scene from my head when Patzzi had both the men swung in her arms. Posted March 15, at 4: