Will he use him like the others once he realizes Akihito’s gift or will he be the bit of luck Akihito needs to survive. D Naruto – Rated: In reality my name is Naru Uzumaki and this is my story. That’s how he met the two Uchiha brothers. NeglectedNaruko Naruto – Rated: It’s eight years later and Asami see’s Akihito again, but Aki doesn’t see him. She just couldn’t have expected something like this. Mind Altering Bloodline by ObNixilis97 reviews A deal with the Kyuubi opens up new paths for Uzumaki Naruto and new outcomes for the shinobi world as a whole.

When a dance competition is announced by the Wonderbolts, a celebrity dance team, she sees her chance to make it come true. Who knew something as simple as providing shelter could change everything? Raised and trained in Konohagakure. All the Kage are prepared to deal out eternal punishment, but Naruto just can’t stand by and watch another needless death. The genius just hoped he was right otherwise things could get awkward! It was understandable, he was years old after all. Too bad he doesn’t have much of a choice.

To become the mother of one Tsunayoshi Sawada. Train Heartnet finds himself returning to old skills and making new alliances while trying to figure out what the heck he supposed to do now.

Naruto Episode 71 -boruto 71,naruto shippuden episode 71 |

I’m No Longer The Same Girl by kags reviews Kagome is now done with her school and heading back to her adventure with her love Inuyasha, except when she gets there, things are not so good. However some bonds once forged can’t be broken so easily, leading him to the other Arcobaleno before they were known as great.


I swear the story is better than this summary Note that there will be abuse triggers in later chapters. What if Tsuna was the Cloud guardian of Varia?

Shino’s Fox by NyghtWalker reviews Shino Aburame didn’t want to go out and spend time with the same kids that made fun of his kikaichu.

Paper King by Spunky0ne reviews When Aizen is revealed to be heir to a lost clan, Central 46 is forced to release him to grow his clan. Some of Harry’s friends also come into a creature inheritance and all his friends change their looks.

Naruto Episode 71

Slash Harry Potter – Rated: Pride and Prejudice – Rated: Rating may go up! See how this helps and hinders her through her life; for she remains a caring, passionate, independent and uninfluenced individual despite all the hardships and comforts people direct towards her. Rated T but may become M at some point, swearing and some bloody scenes.

Goodbye, farewell, my friend, no more sailing. This takes place a year and a half after Harry’s turning.

What will happen to the Elemental Nations and our world if Deadpool had a hand narure raising Naruto. But the serums backfire, transforming them into lustful women with a burning lust for one man: Akihito not only left because of what Asami did but is hiding something he’s willing nafure give his life for.

Naruto is resurrected to fulfill an ancient prophecy, seek revenge, and make a new home in a new world. The change he brings by namisnakama reviews After losing control over the Kyuubi yet again, Tsunade can no longer protect Naruto from Danzo.


Leaf’s Fire Gem by Ryuuohjin reviews Orochimaru stumbles upon Naruto after some village gave him a beating, and was fascinated but he found. MadaNaru, maybe ItaNaru Mpreg is normal. Not that John is complaining mind you. Wilfully Misunderstood by Isabelle Lowe reviews Mr Darcy is not able to see Elizabeth on the evening that she does not go to dinner at Rosings and as a result the disastrous Hunsford proposal never takes place.

Naruto Episode 73

See how the change in a single event from the original timeline brought forth change to the ninja world. There they have to read a book of Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja about thierselves and Naruto.

He’s Seventeen when they find him, but they were in for a shock if they thought he’d do what they wanted.

When she was 14 years old, she became the stuntman known as Skull De Mort. I mean, wasn’t having a super famous ancestor and being expected to follow in their footsteps enough after the first time? One that will shatter everyone’s views and epksode world.

What if the boa constrictor had gone with Harry to Hogwarts?

Read to find out! She’d once said that the hero always arrive late, but this was quite the opposite. Fem-Naru Time travel Naruto – Rated: Harry Taylor the Dinosaur Mechanic?