Verification code check your email for the verification code. Haha ikr i love the anime but i thought the same. Holy shit I think that were the worst animations in anime history but so epic!!! If I put the witcher 3 in front of you, and said, “here play this, it’s a great game, but it’s only going to run at 5 fps and the camera is going to spaz out randomly. Yes, it was obviously inconsistent at times, given how many animators they brought on board, but in no way does it constitute “bad animation”. It’s textbook cutting corners to just not animate anything for 10 seconds at a time. Sub For a Friend.

BBCode Modified by matias, Dec 19, 9: You can’t honestly look at that and tell me it actually looked good. I also wanna mention the frame rate went just as low as when I try to play Skyrim on my computer at some points. Obviously not the entire episode. The fire animation after this part looks like fire. The second part is the witch vs asta and group. I’d say it was largely a success.

Verify your username and email to complete your Registration. Looked like shit most the time and impossible to follow. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to peisode. I dont think a single person, myself included had anything negative to say about his inner conscious scene.

Ok, the circumstances of the activation of Asta’s powerup didn’t convince me at all, but fuck it, what a great episode, I really loved the animation, perhaps the best episode of the series. Black Clover Episode 63 Discus I think all this mistakes are the result for a lack 1330 time, the same goes from another scenes that doesn’t look finish. AND you managed to include the horribly drawn and animated tree chase scene as part of your “argument”.


The witch queen scene was also good art and animation. Well, you can easily tell that this is not canon just by seen all the random powers that Ladros showed on the fight. You managed to find a cumulative minutes of footage nafutonine of a 24 minute episode. But that part of fight. It’s almost like a blasphemy.

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Return to Login Forgot Password. While his old pal Michio Mihara abandons him because they clashed about the method he opt to use. It would be kind of silly for anyone to clearly see what was going on. It’s textbook cutting corners to just not animate anything for 10 seconds at a time.

Devilman Crybaby tries to regain what he lost with the help of younger animators and almost fully produced in Flash, the same tools that some people used in this episode. The CGI and the background were one thing only and they chose to do that way because they wanted to try an experimental way of doing animation and that was making the background dynamic along with the characters which is very hard to do.

The animation was so MS paint that I couldn’t tell what was going on half the time.

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That flying scene barely looked like a flying scene, it looked like the bodies were being cut and pasted 1330 random CGI trees, and just floating in nothingness. There’s also the fact that this episode had brought a bunch of webgen animators from all around the world. Animation is supposed to show the illusion of movement through sequence of drawings which is what this episode accomplished.


When Asta said black meteorite, I said smash lol leave it to Asta his minde is so on sided track that a demon can’t take over him this end is not good at all. D People say the animation was either good or bad, well i say its both!

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The fierce battle with Sasuke leaves Naruto unconscious. When it swung one of it’s 9 tails, a tsunami occurred.

BBCode Modified by matias, Dec 19, 9: They started working on this episode before they did with episode 59 and if they wanted to cut corners then they would have gone through the effort of making characters move so much you absolute moron. Episove Father and Son, the Broken Crest. I really enjoyed this episode! If I’m with you, I can fly anywhere I want Create Account Return to Login.

Klonoa samurai anrutonine xd Offline Joined: Like some here noticed the demon scene resembles Devilman Crybaby art wich is great. It’s funny how episodes like this bring armchair animation critics out of their woodworks.

The 4th hokage sealed this demon fox inside a boy, Naruto, in exchange for his own life.