Having given up hope of finding true love, Sakisaka Akihiko, is a teacher and a closeted gay who has one night stands with strangers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Just thinking back about how I was a few years ago, I am able to understand. You can’t even see something as simple as that, that’s why you get drugged easily. You can use the best adsense alternative for any type of website they approve all websites , for more info simply search in gooogle: Technically speaking, this is my first translation of the year!

Um um…now i see what you mean! Sensei, your lessons were really interesting! No… Well, can you help me? I was on edge the entire way, clutching my pillow like I was watching a scary movie or something. But whenever I call out the name of the man I left behind, without knowing why, it leaves me trembling. I can’t find a copy of the transcript anymore.

Heh, then let’s do it here. So apologize… Sakisaka Akihiko: I was bawling like a baby when I was listening to itgosh.

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Be serious now, be serious! Who’d want to sexually harass you now. Here… my heart… will hurt… It’s suffocating… Koujima Itsuki: You are commenting using your WordPress. And this rdama the teacher in-charge of Mathematics, Sakisaka-sensei. I love you Atis collection! The acting is superb. So I recently decided to give Big gun o Motsu Otoko a re-listen. You said your name is Itsuki! Nejideta you… Koujima Itsuki: You said that you love me right? However Satomi has no recollection of the night due to his drunken state.


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Eh, but even though it’s a while since we saw Sakisaka-sensei, he is still as good-looking! After listening for a little while more, I vd down to the conclusion that Shimono did both twins. Strawberry Decadent Tags animeblcdfujoshi rantgundam 00kuroshitsujiseiyuu: When he was about to forget about everything that happened that Friday night, he suddenly found out that the student he was about to train was the person who rescued him on the street.

Isn’t this how I’ve managed to get by all this while? You are commenting using your WordPress.

You said that you’d help me So please spare me some of your time. But Koujima-kun sure is a good chap! His withdrawal surprised Sakazaka and inflicted more psychological pain on Sakazaka as he felt he was being abandoned even further. The second was with a two childhood friends running away after one them killed someone?

I don’t even know where to begin. Y-Yes… Well, I’ll take my leave now.

They have sex a few times, each time Sawamura pretending Tachibana is Yagi. But he is a teacher after all… While we were observing his lesson, he was calm and composed, a huge contrast to that lewd side he showed that day, it was as if that was a different person. Don’t force yourself and just be obedient.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But I have to do my evaluation now… so the earliest I’m free would be 3pm… Takahashi: Will you be fine? I’ll call for a cab. Oh, I’m sorry to bother you, but as I was commenting in the entry I saw xinxie had the same problem as me, as I can not find Gin no Requiem transcript. What are you doing? Home About Blogging List.


T can you please fix the link? I’m sorry, it seems like I’m used to teasing you. Nakai Kazuya x Yusa Kouji more…. They are all my favs! So, before realizing the situation, the two were already making out at a love hotel.

That said onto the review …. But, it was a good experience and learning journey. When you treat me kindly, you’re only tearing me apart… Everything, even my feelings will be crushed by your hands. Thanks to all of you, we were able drsma complete our internship without a hitch. Sensei, want to hang out next time?

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It’s okay… I’ll be fine. Nope… After all that just now, I was still the one who took the initiative… Besides, I was gentle right? A flower of appreciation! I want to know if he has really forgiven me… but this is the only crude way I know to find out. Didn’t you hear my name during the morning introduction?

We’ll have to let you come first