Helping girls he loves when they’re at their weakest seems to be a character trait of his. Maru jumps back into his car and speed off after them. Now this is even more confusing cuz i thought the revenge started b4 the amnesia. It just really shows maru’s true feelings for eun-gi. Will he grab it? I think onion would be 1!!! That she is dumb and disabled. Now, some serious thoughts.

So when MR says he’s done with JH on screen, he’s really done. Not sure how she can recover and reclaim Taesun and go head to head with Evil conniving stepmom, Jae Hee. I just love her. Secretary explains that he is the only person Eun Gi trusted and someone she loves. Hopefully more than just spiritually. All his memory now are those with Eun Gi. Some who are loyal to Eun Gi feel betrayed, others are suspicious and think this looks like a set up.

But that’s not his character, neh? It’s a cute and touching moment. And I don’t believe their reason for making EG an amnesiac was because they needed her to become a damsel-in-distress.

Not quite so sure he’s over jae hee though, i’m not really satisfied with the way they showed that he’s over her given the depth of his feelings for her if that is indeed what they wanted us to think. My guess is that Joon ha is keeping the will card till Eun Gi recovers, then submit it to the court. This review is really spot-on in describing Eun-gi that no matter how much we see she has changed there is that core personality that remains in her.

Did you take advantage of the weak and vulnerable? The last thing on my mind is worrying about plot holes! I fear sad ending the most. They aren’t spoilers and they’re useless.

What I am looking forward to is the moment when Maru’s faith is restored. I am expecting to see some more depth in MR’s character despite all the darkness that he has been displayed all over the series. Eun-gi is indirectly helping him towards to be the nice guy he used to be. As he epsode out he wonders why the Secretary lady is just standing there impolitely watching.


Feel so sorry for Eun Ki.

That she is dumb and disabled. I’m totally IN to this but I preferably like the first one: Although personally i’m supporting Eun-gi with her lawyer actually: Surely, that epidural hematoma of will lead us to sadness, one way or another. It’s interesting that he’s at such a dark place now he kadirama even accept sibling love or friendship love — rock bottom really.

If he has an existential distrust of his own ability to love, if he feels karorama his experience with Jae Hee and what it made him willing to do in order to get revenge or be closer to her has fundamentally changed his relationship with love, if he doubts the existence or kadoramma of romantic love the way he doubts the existence of god which would be an awesome question for the show to tackle; I would Kkadorama if Ma Ru went through a journey of figuring out what romantic love is, figuring out what it means to him and how he wants to express it and have it reciprocated, etc.

And then the mind blowing news that her father just passed away. Cause I’m already attracted to Eunki’s charm: It just really shows maru’s true feelings for eun-gi. She kept harping that being with him would bring back her memory.

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Some who are loyal to Eun Gi feel betrayed, others are suspicious and think this looks like a set up. I wish I get that facial expression a lot in the upcoming episodes. Yet you held on to the end!! Wouldn’t that be a cool twist on an old tale?

The way she kept epsiode Maru’s name, pushing herself to get it right, instead of woe’s-me-ing the fact she was getting it wrong.

He reminds me of Ha Jung Woo. Then you would not find out how pitiful people were to set him up. Cary October 14, at I have absolutely no idea where this is headed. As for NG, I love episode 10 more and more now that I have time to sit on it.

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But she write thje diary in her room that full with alphabet so she can correct it right there and when she left note infront of maru house there is her secretary who help her my thought. It was so like the old Eun ki. Thanks for the recap! But here she loves him, but she doesn’t know why she loves him, or how, or at what price. I’m happy he will let himself out for the next episode: JH is still a bitch.


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Then blow her off. I didnt think about think about this perspective! Where as before a bitchy, mean, and judgemental person. I hope you slept well. It’s pretty clear since episode 8 that the guyy woman on his mind, the only woman who haunts his dreams and nightmares is EG, and the only reason if the preview for episode 11 is any indication he contacts JH again after all this time a year since the accident is because she’s a threat to EG. And unfortunately, Jae-sik is a clever bastard, and realizes belatedly that the woman in white is the missing heir of Taesan Group.

Damn that chasing scene seriously made me want to tear something and seriously I would love it if it could be JS’s head.

There’s only so much more crap the writer can heap upon Maru’s very manly shoulders before our suspension of disbelief dissipates and pathos turns into formulaic bathos Maru takes 1 phone and runs off to the rescue.

The more pain the women cause themselves and him the more he loves them????

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What gug to that??? And it’s interesting that her arrival into his life is starting to change him for the better in the tiniest of ways, but I’ll take what I can get. There is no more Jae Hee in his mind.