Since she obtained it, it all belongs to her! Eun Gi arrives after this and overhears the rest of the conversation. Secretary Eun gives her a pep talk that she is improving and her memories will come back, so she needs to be less demanding of herself. She tells him to get out! He can protect Jae Hee and he can be with Eun Gi forever. I always have a fetish with death of man in melodramas..

They should have maximized the time for eungi and maru alone because it was the last episode. I liked the epilogue because they both finally got to do what they really wanted all along…. She was pretty much a mess up character who desperately looking for someone to lean on. Another choice would be for Maru to give everything of him to her — his body and his heart. The fight has just begun and it was so satisfying to see Jae Hee knocked off her podium. Eun Gi flashes back to her childhood where her dad tearfully tells her to buck up.

Jae Gil goes to the fried chicken shop run by Jae Shik to pick up some munchies. Anyway, it has been fun reading your recaps, summaries and comments from your readers.

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Last I heard his odds were good Had he fixed it when he should. Maru asks Eun Gi to run away with him and she stares back at him like he sprouted horns. Eun Gi is in her office and gets an envelope containing her accident report.

He will die either way. Thanks for the recap! And also, maybe Maru is not residing there for soo long already because studying medicine in america might take years. Maru bows to the room and then looks up.

Skip to primary content. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful insights. She finds a thin simple gold band and puts it on. She is the only person in the world he trusts. I always drawn to such stories… Never knew I still have cubic epizode of tears left in me.


Now Eun Gi is playing hard to get. You know, I saw that, and that gave me hope, but I still positive Maru died on that path outside. These moments are engraved into my mind and at the mere suggestion of the drama they pop back into my head.

Choco — unknown illness, cannot be left alone and in the rain, grandiose delusions about singing, obsessive about JG EG — unknown chronic condition, sometimes acute, paranoia, koalasplauground injury, retrograde amnesia, hysterical amnesia, obsessive stalking of MR MR — martyr, hematoma from benign to deadlystabbing, retrograde amnesia, tolerance to bad food JH — narcissistic, antisocial, promiscuis, needs jewelry Jae Shik — juvenile delinquent, gambler, abuser, needs homemade food Ahn — obsessive, murderous, needs new haircut Lawyer Park — faking gayness, brain injury, needs to get laid.

As he gets to spisode bottom of the stairs and listens to her sobbing violently, suddenly his head koalazplayground and he episose to the bathroom to retch. He would spend the first few years working hard and being busy, but after some time he would earn enough to take Jae He, Coco, and Jae Gil on trips overseas and buy Jae Hee a designer purse.

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I am going crazy waiting for Nics 20 too. I will never want for anything else, I will never covet anything else, because right now I am truly very happy. He finally collapses in a darkened park path with his eyes wide open. The poor kid has no clue. He asks to grab a coffee because he has something to return to her. Gah, love that Maru is finally stepping up and would love to see flashbacks of their time together!

Nice Guy Episode 14 Recap

At the end of the day, these two people are flawed and wrong as much as they are right. He asks her to leave with him. LKH dragged out EG amnesia thing on purpose, to make us saw the real inncocent EG, witnessing EG and MR happy moment without thinking their real situation and pretty much offering their happy moments before the storm.


In my mind, Maru and Eun Gi have suffered enough from external circumstances and punished themselves more than enough for their wrongdoings. She enters the living room to find it empty and random items laying around.

Then, afterward, it was the WTH moment for me. Choco apologizes to Eun Gi and she wonders what for?

He left the accident report that identifies him Kang Maru as the other party involved. The reason I say this is because of the conversation between Joon-ha and Jae Hee.

Thank you so much for your recaps and thoughts ms. Then view the finale! He takes off his jacket and drapes it over her. OMG swooning forever here! Back then he thought he was saving her, but in truth he was the one who caused Jae Hee to become like this. She did good, right?

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Jae Hee compliments him but he in turn lays the credit on Eun Gi, saying this was her project plan from before. Joon Ha pulls out a tape recording of everything he heard on the phone the night the Chairman died, which reveals Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn were there and did nothing to help the Chairman. By the way, this is so not on topic. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Proof that we, viewers know. As for EG, I think her love for MR is so strong even she can not control her self that she wont be running after him anymore; I think she loves him beyond even her own comprehension.

Someone give me extra towels here, my eyes have turned into rivers.