Including those extreme sad ending of the protagonist dying NO.. That flashback scene with a young EG and her father was an important reminder of what her childhood was like and what a skewed view on life and emotions she was raised with. It looks like something written by a child. But then the smirk came and you could tell how ridiculous he thinks she is. At the end of the day, these two people are flawed and wrong as much as they are right. The stabbing incident was unnecessary and in fact ruined the scene that followed. What follows is the two of them going on the most romantic and simple date — they walk along the water holding hands, they nibble food at a roadside stall with Maru gently watching as Eun Gi happily eats , they sit on the breakwater with Maru playing the harmonica for Eun Gi and she listening quietly, they walk through the tall grassy field hand-in-hand.

He hopes Maru will agree to the surgery after the wedding. I wished they showed us a longer date scene in episode She asks him to tell him everything now since she regained her memory. Fingers crossed that maru will not die and be with eun gi till the end. It is going to be a heartbreaking moment till ep 19 I guess.. I stop watching it at episode

But there are still some doubts like why did choco marry Jae Gil and what happened to EG younger brother? That wakes up Jae Hee a bit from her reminiscing about her lost times with Maru stupor. I wonder if it will finally be jae hee that redeems herself with her love for maru. Maru starts to cry and Jae Hee notices it, asking what is going on?

Was it really them? The fight has just begun and it was so satisfying to see Jae Hee knocked off her podium. She is not doing it to do the right thing or repent. It was a coincidence, but it did begin the epic battle. If you keep getting more awesome, other dramas might commit seppuku for the shame of paling in comparison. Jae Hee is furious that he thinks she wants to try and kill Eun Gi.


Spoilers for the Upcoming Episode 17 of Nice Guy

Maru asks if Joon Ha wants to give him the evidence? It was an awesome journey. So now Jae Hee needs to let go of the burden of all koalasplayhround wrongs she committed and accept whatever punishment is meted.

He realizes Maru is sincerely asking for help and asks if Maru wants to go with Eun Gi? Eun Gi sits in a coffee shop and then heads back to the park after it gets dark.

Nice Guy Episode 16 Recap

These moments are engraved into my mind and at the mere suggestion of the drama they pop back into my head. Was he starting his second life remembering her already or didnt remember.

Maru goes back to his office and gets a call on his cellphone. She is conflicting herself after regaining all her memories and trying koalasplayrgound best effort to find the truth about what happened the day his dad passed away, as well as convincing herself to realize that the Maru now, is no longer the Maru then.

And as of Jae Hee, i want her to just live a simple life with Eunsok.

Nice Guy Episode 11 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Death, more amnesia, swirling camera slo-mo shots of reunion and forgiveness — whatever she had in store, I thought she would go out with a bang. Choco kisses a sleeping Jae Koalaplayground and he smiles. The stabbing seemed unnecessary if they were going to do a happy new life for Maru end. She asks if her dad left anything else, like secret bank accounts. Joon Ha receives a text that the vote has passed and Eun Gi has been stripped of her official position at Tae San.


She runs into the house and Maru stares after her. She asks if she ought to believe anything he says? And that, knowing MR was very, very ill, she just left in a taxi and let him walk to the hospital? She feigns confusion and says Eun Gi could not possibly be at her house. Thank-you mucho for the recap.

Whether it will be happy ending or the contrast, I hope the ending will be great. Afterwards Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn gloat about how easily it will be to pass the vote to strip Eun Gi of her inheritance to run Tae San now that her mess up of this project is spreading like wildfire.

Plus episdoe change of the opening credit indicated it it was most likely shot on the same day as the first version — so I think LKH ghy all along how this drama would end. Dpisode steps over Jae Gil and leaves. Joon Ha asks if Maru will do as Joon Ha asks?

Such a nice touch! I am going crazy waiting for Ep 20 too. Nice Guy have to add 1 special episode. Skip to secondary content.

Overall the drama was quite good. I may just skip out on watching the rest play out and just read the recaps. Love it, love it! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Sang Do had that ending?! It will certainly become one of the most memorable ones to treasure for me! Maru looks at Eun Gi being all fake and he looks sad. Thanks for the recap, Koala!