I’m so sorry to hear that: Also I heard he married or had a baby with another girl and just decided to drop it so who knows. Radar published their story on August 26th , which was nearly a month after the bikini picture was taken. It’s somewhat ‘tasteful’ considering the subject matter and they handle the situation with a lot of compassion and empathy because it’s not a body to the mother or siblings or father or anyone else in that family. I don’t have kids of my own, but can’t Josh’s mom or sister can at least petition custody of Lyle, because of this. I don’t much like Kyle but it’s times better than Lyle!

That irritates me to no end. Some people don’t have the guts to voice their opinion so they down vote anonymously instead. Looking back, she now says she had no idea what having a child was truly like. I don’t doubt that there are people out there who want to take pictures with their deceased baby, but it just sounds terrible to me. I got mine under the muscle though so mine might have been worse than whatever she did. Was obviously supposed to be a? The two of them were both actively being fucked with because of Nikkole’s scam but I don’t think she was directly contacting them so it wasn’t technically harassment.

If you follow the link to Teen Mom Junkies above you can see some censored versions of the explicit photos allegedly sent by Ryan to Nikkole. There is absolutely no way. I don’t want porn star size boobs. Has someone ans this question.

Pregnant Nikkole Paulun says baby’s father Ryan Rice abused her multiple times

Now i always make sure to say not to that before i walk or drive away. He prregnant for 12 hours and she’s the only one, including the mother, who let that baby “know” human touch, regardless of how aware he could have been.


That thing is going to haunt him like no other and it’s just a fucking bear. Secondly, what the hell are you going to do lregnant a miscarried fetus? And for still births the use pitocin in induce labor and you give birth and it is painful and tiring as giving birth without the reward: We have to count the baby formula 6 times per day because customers steal it. I feel so mean but it’s true. I spent a good little bit wondering if Nikkole was mentally ill, because honestly this shiz is something that I thought only a clinically insane person would do, but eventually I landed on a “probably-not-crazy-but-possibly-the-shittiest-person-ever” njkkole instead.

Great, at least we now know who is seasonn train wreck of season five, and hope she is the only one.

Nothing makes sense of slutballs situation. So there can definitely be stupid sociopaths and she most definitely would fit into that category.

Former reality TV star opens up about the dark side of being a young mum

So it’s likely you would have gotten caught and charged. I didn’t get left with much after the babies.

I think it’s one of the few reality shows even half worth the time to watch. I don’t even see a baby in Permalink Submitted by Em. I can’t believe she’s as psycho as her dinosaur faced daughter. Especially not the mom’s. Nikkole, Salazar and Alex are all within the “dinosaur” species.

Nikkole Paulun: Life after 16 And Pregnant | Where are they now?

Remember when she got that monstrosity on her back really soon after the “stillbirth” and there was something about MTV cameras being there to see her mom’s reaction? To have this dumb cunt make a mockery of such a horrible, life shattering event is easily one of the top 5 most evil things I’ve ever seen.


And Leah’s duck walk! He said he was sorry and that he loved her and Nikkole said that if he could turn his life around, stop partying, and be supportive, that they could give things another try. I have same on her Facebook and she said she took pictures when sam gave birth to her baby Charlie she even took some holding Charlie but she threatened nikkole of she used those she would take legal action that’s problably why she took some in her moms room But I would feel like I let that poor baby down and I don’t know how people soldier through something like this.

Could someone help me and explain the scam? There never was any baby. Prrgnant for my rants lol i have so many more which is sad. You of course can choose c none of the above. It’s such a different loss than anything else. Nikkole said that the last straw this time around was an argument that ended up with her being thrown to the ground and blacking out.

I don’t even see a baby in this picture, but maybe it is just me.