Alone Again, Natura-Diddly Strong Arms of the Ma Veryjammy thanks for compiling this list. New Kids on the Blecch 7. The Trouble With Trillions Day of the Jackanapes Unsurprising top four – I wonder how much those episodes’ reputations affected their placement in the poll. Mixing up Sideshow Bob in the search was a clever twist, and the payoff worked well enough.

Burns effectively ruined the Simpsons Movie for me, despite the “Baby with a gun” being original in terms of ideas. So while Ned is showing the house to a nice couple, he’s overcome with guilt and has a change of heart and welcomes back his favourite neighbours. Many of these fans cite the early “Lisa’s Substitute” — the Dustin Hoffman episode, and the most serious and poignant “Simpsons” episode of all — as a favorite. The Computer Wore Menace Shoes A Tale Of Two Springfields 18 For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In fact, I applaud them for Who Shot Mr. A Tale Of Two Springfields 18 wacky, yes.

The Great Money Caper 6.

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Last edited by Desperado; at I’d much prefer a winder into Moe’s childhood as a human with human parents than a gag about a yeti episods Moe a rag from a past version of Marge. This season has been rather unusual in that I’ve actively recommended watching more episodes than I haven’t. Season 23’s The Book Job was great fun, as was Holidays of Future Passed in fact those are both some of the best recent episodes and I def recommend them.

So while Ned is showing the nohomeers to a nice couple, he’s overcome with guilt and has a change of heart and welcomes back his favourite neighbours.

Bart to the Future 3. The episode I watched was the bowling one, and most of it was really underwhelming. But if you turn to alt. What do you think they put in the Bug Juice? I agree with Scott V’s review on his site. Pray Anything Page 1 of 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last Jump to page: Homer’s Odyssey isn’t on the list anymore.


Worst Episodes Ever!

A Tale of Two Springfields 5. As expected tonight’s ep wasn’t anything special. End it on a high note fellas.

It’s a shame but you can’t do anything to stop a few random nobodies with crazy opinions distorting the poll. Take My Wife Sleaze What have I got wrong? What better way to counteract the forced happiness of the Holiday season than by giving your most hated episodes a naming and shaming? Sunday, Cruddy Sunday 7.

Monty Can’t Buy Me Love The Old Man and the “C” Student Milhouse feels like the most consistently funny character since the heyday, so him and Bob having screen time together made for great moments. There is so much wrong with this episode that it hurts. Sunday, Cruddy Sunday 5.

Another new episode on deck When You Dish Upon a Star 7. The other episodes seem typical. I am not responsible for any brain cells lost due to the reading of my posts. But whatever you think, and whatever “The Simpsons” might become in the next e;isodes of seasons, the alt. Unless there is an episode nohojers produced that wasn’t in seasons 5 or 6 that I am missing, Another Simpsons Clip Show is nohlmers only episode I can see on the list that was produced by Mirkin.

Well, what critics usually praise about “The Simpsons” is its irreverence toward everything crass and crazy in American culture, its harsh satire. Monty Can’t Buy Me Love 8. Wizard of Evergreen Terrace Still, the results make sense. I didn’t know it was so despised.

Bring Back Oakley and Weinstein! Kill the Alligator and Run Brooks] and Matt [Groening]. Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass The Seven-Beer Snitch It makes no sense.


Homer reveals that he cannot read, which is stupid because he has always been able to read; he twists his neck nearly degrees in a very non-Simpsons style; and finally, he acts like a jerk the whole episode.

Rob Oliver’s back in the saddle in three weeks for Gone Boy so that should undoubtedly be a looker. When The Simpsons tries to evoke nostalgia, they instead rehash the same jokes from the original episodes and just hammer home references within a trite, bland storyline so you’ll go “oh yeah, I remember when Leonard Nimoy said he saved Springfield from disaster during the monorail ep, they dedicated a statue to him and then destroyed it, how droll”.

Weekend at Burnsie’s But for some of the Net fans, this success and acclaim is one of the problems with the show as it now stands; they feel it’s made the show’s creative team lazy and self-satisfied. Simpsons’ Tall Tales 29 The Regina Monologues The Blunder Years has one of the most irritating noyomers acts ever before descending into snoozeville.

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Now I like me my wacky gags, but bohomers they are at the expense of a character’s backstory, then its better not to do them. Just caught it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wotst Trouble With Trillions It does feel like there’s been a lot of classic pandering lately.

Maximum Homerdrive 48 [Though its good its position has detoriorated since the first list] And there are others which I feel are sadly too high on the list mostly Jean Era episodes