Noragami 1 Name: Unfortunatly for the both of them life takes some odd twists and turns and the devil has to leave his home in Ente Isle and, come to modern day Japan. I hope they make a 2nd season! It’s better than I make it sound. SeaTactics 11 months ago. But enough of that just go watch the show, its a brillant watch and you should have a lot of fun. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. Here is the link to my masterpiece:

Oh and it actually has a PLOT not just “plot”. They want something, if he can do it BAM!! I had already seen the sub and for this case I would say I prefered the dub. QCycmXYa [ Del ] is the manga already finished or still ongoing? Well honestly when I first read the name I th D Dat cliffhanger though And I’m so excited for the next episode! Hope you enjoy this next project and stick around for

I just want Yato and hiyori to be a thing.

Just type in Noragami Aragoto. And I loved the ending theme, it was sooooo pretty!!! Sad thing is, I only found out about it cuz there was a fanmade KHR opening using this shows song O5kNopxH [ Del ] Hiyori is the main character lolol.

Who knows though, it was a pretty good series: All part of Aizen’s plan aragpto. Until next time, “You are all the protagonist! Subscribe and like for more video.

This Season is gonna be the death of me. Now for the show adagoto self, its a comedy based around the Devil King and the Hero Emilia, tasked to destroy him.


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I don’t think that constitutes making a big deal out of anything. So let me introduce a guy who I had all but forgotten zbout but glad to have remembered Y. Can’t wait for season 2!!

I was freaking out about it and then there was my friend aragito didn’t really think it was sad at all CMkLwzog [ Del ] This anime is really good, though the manga is probably better since it doesn’t mess around and also because it is written by two female mangaka Japanese term for manga writer.

It can also be a great gateway anime as it doesn’t do anything spectacular but still is very enjoyable to watch. So if anything is getting you down just watch this and try not to feel a little better, its pretty hard haha Until next time, “It’s the best day eveeeeeerrrrrrrr!!

Its time to to take a look at one of the few shows I’ve dreaded to review, JesuOtaku. In fact, I was just a little bored and didn’t have will to make new videos.

Seraph of the end reaction episode 1

Nice stuff Here’s a link to the episode www. Has anyone seen the latest episode?!?!?!?!?!

All in all if you are looking for a short fun show I’d recomend Nanana but, I will say as of now if you see the ryuabime and are wondering if the show will indeed get a second season well.


It’s a good background show. I do the same with my nephew and share shows, games, and food.

Noragami Aragoto Episode 4

The cast for Re: Now would I recomend this show, sure but don’t go in with high hopes. H5NusBte [ Del ] that anime needs a season 2! The hit FPS game that was a hit on the Nintendo 64! Also as a side note epidode the volumes on the videos The DBZ video should be at about a quater of the sound and SAO epiisode at full so you can just hear the voices and no crappy music. I deleted my previous reply due to issues.

Boy am I glad I did its an amazing show with references to other anime all over and a pretty funny story.

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Alternative Sushi Police Haruchika: Sometimes making some memories do involve sweets, sharing a favorite with your child. D Dat cliffhanger though Since we reached subs we aragito going to have the episodes in our reactions!

Oh, the OP is top-tier too. So this morning I woke up and I had forgot to set an alarm for work today. So let’s get started on our next journey, shall we?