I simply do not find him likeable overall. It is also one of the few instances where I think the movie is considerably better than the book it was adapted from. Bell makes over his significant fortune to her when he finds out that he has a terminal illness and chooses to move to Argentina for the better climate. Throughout the book, Margaret must deal with heartbreaking loss of places and people who are dear to her, and each loss creates upheaval in her life. While Frederick is in the house, Thornton comes to visit his friend Mr. Use the HTML below. It only reinforced to me that this is not as much a romance as it is a commentary on how “we have all of us one human heart” with the ability to understand other people’s ways of thinking if we would only open our minds. Henderson 2 episodes, Martin Walsh

Elizabeth Gaskell novel , Sandy Welch writer. Widow Dashwood and her three unmarried daughters, Elinor, Marianne and Margaret, inherit only a tiny allowance. Then it’s pretty much over, and Margaret certainly doesn’t go to the funeral. She’s wonderful no matter what and everyone comes to love her — even Mrs. I don’t like these people — not just Margaret, almost all of them. Who am I kidding, just go watch that.

Let’s have people take ill suddenly and die, and somehow two pairs of spouses in two separate marriages die in quick succession for No Apparent Reason. Frederick, a naval officer, was involved in a mutiny and he cannot return to England without risking his life.

Her distaste for the town and its people extends to handsome and charismatic cotton mill owner John Thornton, Richard Armitagewhom she believes epitomises everything she dislikes about the North.


He’s a worthy romantic hero to rub shoulders with Darcy.

Norte y sur by Elizabeth Gaskell (3 star ratings)

And whether Margaret ever met her brother again and how many of their children died of lung disease! Captain Lennox 2 episodes, David Crellin This was my second book by Gaskell and I liked Ruth better than this one. Thornton because he’s not a “gentleman. These were all important issues of the time but were delivered with a very heavy hand.

BBC Drama – Best of NO Gaskepl 82 May 31, Stephens 2 episodes, Carl McCrystal Then some fun romantic stuff happens. Edit Did You Know? Stevenson to the skies — and she norfe be more right, the performance is superb.

Margaret y su madre, inmediatamente se decepcionan de Eizabeth. Thanks to his friend, Mr. Regardless, he hasn’t told her — and I waited. The last lines are great.

Sure, some people Where many books start off slow and pick up pace, Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South was just the opposite, in my opinion. The prose is convoluted and tedious whilst the plot itself frequently meanders into aimlessness.

It gasiell not take long for me to weary of all the compliments lavished on Margaret — not by her father or mother or her unlucky swains, but by the narrative voice.

Norte y sur

Bell, and meets the new vicar and his wife. This is a humorless novel. While the arrival of wealthy gentlemen sends her marriage-minded mother into a frenzy, willful and opinionated Elizabeth Bennet matches wits with haughty Mr. It was just awful that Margaret had to be subjected to living among these inferior beings.


I just did not like any of these people. John Thornton is the closest — he seems open, honest, straightforward — but he has his prejudices and harshnesses.

As Margaret observes them together, Henry’s sophistication and reliance on fashionable wit and sarcasm compares unfavourably with Thornton’s honesty. For the first third of the book I found it very slow. I can’t tell if the depiction of Margaret as largely inconsequential among her aunt’s circle yet so astoundingly snobbish in Milton is meant to be social commentary.

BBC – Drama – North and South

Gaskell decides that Something Has to Happen, even though she has no idea what the plot should actually be. But the cloud never comes in that quarter of the horizon from which we watch for it. Why doesn’t he also grow a spine? The book is appropriately named, since there’s such a disparity in the attitudes of Margaret Hale, from England’s Southern, more egalitarian and aristocratic I’ve concluded that most of those who’ve raved about this book and what a stirring romance it is saw the BBC production before reading it.

One nrote the events is a strike with factory owners discussing options. Gaskell possessed a deep understanding of humanity itself and was able, as only a handful of authors really are, to convey that troubled reality perfectly and beautifully.