SZ and PG Thanks for your replies. To be fair, it was bad but why remember the fact after weeks. FA Hats off to you for making out what Wali said to N at the grave. His education, his emotional security, his position in the society, his and her dignity? I always thought that the servants of the house knew more than they let on…to other people unlike Rukhsana the maid. And coming back to my rants about the FB page I seem to have more rants about them , why do they want to mislead along with the previews.

Neelum to vani bhi nahin hai phir bi uss ki saari jaidad Wali ji ke naam ho chuki hai!! That would be the ultimate act of defiance. What does are suffering Vani say? SZ re same grave as Amoo: Really enjoyed watching it.. Tinni hahaha three caricatures having picnic..

Omg tried 2 serials and was wondering yeh kya Hira hai, rain in the opening scenes or phir dance bhi??? I think your best bet is to msg them and ask about further subtitling … I dont know of another channel that does this … Like Like. Like your idea of RR 1 and RR 2!! Does anybody have any idea?

Numm Episode 14 in High Quality 23 November 2013

At times he is rude to her, at times he is gentle and caring, at times he will not answer her phone, at times he keeps calling her. BS and N and their conspiracy will kill W too….


But unfortunately she does not evoke any sympathy from anyone apart from official FB page. Neelam hi to thi. Lekin abh woh jawan ho giya hai…. Bare sahab is patient with the behaviour of neelum as he is confident that she will be adapted to hawayli’s environment and customs.

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PG I too like the first scenario better. Yes, the promo editors have done a fantastic job.

I was hoping he would play part in the revival of Pakistani big screen. Loved the chess scene and the way Wali declared war with BS in not so many words. What we heard were not the words of a passive victim, rather these were the words of an exhausted woman, pushed beyond her limits in her efforts to cope with all that life had dealt her. What is so brave about it? I do hope we see more eppisode of her.

The scenes are so disjointed, it looks like the editor was also on a snooze fest along with the director. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But once again they ruin the effect by the long fillers they love to put in.

They suffered a wee bit with how to do this and yet not do this in HS too FK mentioned it in one of those morning shows after HS mercifully ZGH escaped this pitfall by showing them to be classmates…. Sange Mar Mar … Episodes You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Taken as a whole this was another typical Numm episode. I had thought that too! It also symbolized num truly alone he is.


I wonder what episofe was as BS was reluctant to go to her even when servant came and told. Mahjabeen-Amtul scene was best so far…the way she spoke her heart out…what she thought of Wali and why all this time she was depressed so much…one could feel the pain clearly.

W has the plan. The producers maybe wanted to hold off any scene with Wali and MJ together given they dramma to have a little talk but I still found her absence weird.

A woman can endeavor all sorts of humiliation of her own but how can a woman tolerate the humiliation of her offspring? Was he upset nu,m it would be a blight on the Bhakht name? More than a son, husband, lover, friend, he was her fellow-prisoner, her saza ka saathi … it is this bond that binds them together — forever.

Or was it his wounded 1 — the possessive mind? Lets hope this is a super-duper hit and then him being an even bigger star on both sides of the border, endorsing our big screens will make a bigger difference Like Like.