Have you been well. SY blurts out his lips so the girl reminds her that she cant include the face. I just knew it. TS and MS look at a wedding hall. GM gets rushed on the hospital and the entire family heads for the hospital as well. Notify me of new posts via email.

She always calls out to her mother for help and not anyone around her, which ugh, makes her like Ja Eun because she lost her mother, too. TB holds it up to her stomach and SY says the baby likes it. But Ja-eun digs her heels in and starts to follow Mom around to learn how to take care of the farm. After she eats she wants to go to TH so she asks the mom to pack up a change of clothes and some lunch. Like I said, the fact that this is a family drama and a ratings hit all point to the only conclusion possible. She was really the heart and the backbone of the family and the drama.

GM turns her head and cries. Starts from when the dad dragged Baek into the shed. TH gives his name and title thanks him for being a witness. I recommend this drama with my life as stake.

All of them are very good family dramas. Nabby January 17, at 9: I love almost all relationships, interactions in this drama. It finally drives him so crazy that he asks Tae-pil for girl advice, and to his mortification, Tae-pil teases him relentlessly.

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Can anyone possibly draw up a must-watch list of these 50 plus episode dramas in order of priority? I always wanted to watch it but it was already 40 espisodes in and then the ep recap gave me the perfect stepping stone and I marathon ed it.


It is definitely a bit convoluted for Kim Jae Ha because now that we are on ep 48 there’s another secret he is hiding from Tae Hee even though it’s not his to hide. SY makes cream spaghetti really deliciously. I might check this out after all, starting with that kiss scene! I wonder… must be the chief the guilty, because, why would he try to cover this for a mere driver? Love your recaps on Dream High Mom says she thought about it—the hardships, making three meals a day every day for the last forty years of her life—and feels like she can answer now….

MS is the real owner. It would mean more that way.

He laughs and says they look good on her. No one has the right to treat me however they please. She asks the dad to brohhers.

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Meanwhile, First Ojamgyo Tae-shik goes brlthers being a man with no prospects to being the center of a love triangle, with two women fighting over him. After the last disastrous 50 ep drama I watched ATK -: Thanks for writing about OB again! Today cuz of your daughter I am holding back. Suddenly there is guitar music. TH quickly drives somewhere. Standby eps 21 Synopsis Sumary Aww, get ready to tear up a bit because today is a touching episode.

KJ goes over and she is drunk.

But the reason I loved their story was the little moments they shared, rather than the big dramatic stories, which is why I thought that tragic-father turn was unnecessary. February 4, at 5: Yunno, in that stomp-your-heart-into-pulpy-goo way. TB and SY go grocery shopping. Watching TH be so miserable this episode was tough, but watching J be happy was harder.


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SY introduces the reporters and G to her mom. January 28, at 2: I always think that they are meant to be. Same goes for many of the characters. In one of the earlier episodes, she started calling TaeHee JooWon “ahjussi” because she asked him, “What should I call you?

If you know how could you please teach it to me. This might just be one of my top 5 dramas of all time. GM resists saying why go inside.

Oh well as long as OB fans continue to watch, guess it will be ok. Btw… Finally TH came to light.

January 27, at 2: Later on, in episode 41 I think he asks her, how come you call Maknae TaePil Oppa, and you call me ahjussi? TH brotjers to the movie studio.

TS watches as TH stares at J leaving. Can’t wait for the next one!! D ; Bok Ja and Ja Eun hold a duck tasting event that turns out horribly. I laughed out loud when things were serious, honestly. Officer hwang left awhile ago. Whether or not any additional recruits will be added is still being considered.

GM gets rushed to the hospital and the entire family heads towards the hospital as well.

And finally, by Episode 36, Tae-shik hugs his son for the first time, and steps up to become a father. Was Hwang Tae Pil just rejected??