Apr 2, 8. My Favorite Dexter’s Laboratory episodes. All because of your stupid pennies! Dexter invents a device in order to learn french in his sleep, but when the record skips and repeats a single phrase all night long, he wakes up to finds that he can only say omelette au fromage omelette du fromage which roughly translates to cheese omelet. Dad dresses up in a Santa getup, And then he puts the car up on the rooftop! The amazing phrase from dexters laboratory in the episode the big cheese, when he listens to a french recording overnight to learn said language. Dexter, face contorted with horror, desperately yells. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

HomelessHobo , Apr 2, His shell is cracking cause he’s hatching! Robo-Parrot voice of fisherman from Dad’s TV show: BornToLose1 , Apr 2, ChronoTrigger99 , Apr 2, Isn’t Christmas really about, uh Dexter’s running around in his underpants! I think he lost his house and girlfriend because of it too, up all night counting pennies.

HomelessHoboApr 2, This strangely makes dexter something of a celebrity, until he. Okay Dexter, let ‘er rip! And yes, you might not know why, but luckily i have omelrtte answer.


Are too a cookie! Season 1 Episode 9. What’s on Norman’s Watchlist?

Pan up to show Dexter his hiding behind the legs of a couple frojage out Kissing dude: Search titles only Posted by Member: Isn’t Christmas really about, uh Dexter is the most brilliant mind in the entire universe!

I think I got a raspberry. Dexter, I am your father. The world’s mightiest mortal, and CEO of his own amalgamated stock investment firm, Infraggable Krunk! Omelette du fromage just for fun discussion know your meme.

I am no better than that stupid coyote or that crazy duck. Uh, don’t mind him, he’s always like that. His shell is cracking cause he’s hatching! Dexter s lab rude removal full episode bleeped out you dexter s laboratory hindi episodes.

Dexter invents a device that will allow him to learn for the next days french test while he is asleep, but it malfunctions, causing it to repeat only a single phrase. When he pulls out, we see that he now has long, girlish hair.

My Favorite Dexter’s Laboratory episodes. Apr 2, 9. Big Story Trials Rising Review. No, I looks like this! That’s not what Christmas is about!


Teddy and Krunk scared! Shh, I’m trying to watch my show What does this meme from dexters lab mean and why is it.

Dexter’s Laboratory: The Big Cheese

Discussion in episoe The Vestibule ‘ started by badboys50kAltApr 2, Apr 2, 4. Dexter yelling at his assistant, a cymbal-banging bear toy: All because of your stupid pennies!

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I’m sure 90s kids from france remember “that really weird episode of dexters lab where he just says englush omelette’ for 8 minutes”. Apr 2, 6.

Remember that episode of Dexter’s Lab where all he could say was Omelet Du Fromage?

Dexters laboratoryepisodes the cartoon network wiki. Ze bus hit a bump, and Bill shpill his hot cocoa. The best episode of dexter s lab was the speed racer.

Dexters laboratory hindi episodes omelegte series toon.