CymeV4vQ [ Del ] Animefreak. I could easily do the same thing, I could take it a step further and make 1 year worth of episode discussion threads, just I don’t. The new OP is excellent. Did they just switch over to the. Ads aren’t too intrusive either, and it hosts manga scans too. I really can’t wait for the main event, the war!

I can’t wait to see how they animate some of the fights: L9V7xFiq [ Del ] Crunchyroll. The build-up to this arc is killing me. As far as streaming goes I use animeultima, animestatic and dubhappy. Usually a torrent or Netflix. It looked like the cheap animation they use in episodes they don’t feel like putting any quality in. Just hope they cut down on the fluff.

YHsa7bl3 [ Del ] gogoanime is a good one too. Your lucky i actually read the manga, i just hope no one else see’s this post.

I recommmend Kissanime as it rpisode both dub and sub, and you can download! B8vawph2 [ Del ] I use kissanime the most, because its one I can easily get to on mobile. Nope technically the episode hasn’t been subbed yet so for any one that does know what to expect in this upcoming episode you shouldn’t talk bout the episode until it’s actually been properly subbed.


EyMCEedm [ Del ] animeultima.

Two national and one Maryland Association. The main website I use is animeseason. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. L9V7xFiq [ Del ] Animewafles. ETBzGpyb [ Del ] gogoanime. LdZljudg [ Del ] pirate bay.

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But i think it’s a good thing xnimewaffles they’re taking things slow because the next happenings will surely be epics, so they’re definitely worth the wait. UNf1fgYd [ Del ] animeultima. Roger is, in fact, referred to as Gold Roger, something that happened somewhere between his pre-pirate king era and during. PVMzdm8b [ Del ] animefreak. One of the reasons for that.

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Can’t wait for the next episode. Where can I watch the 4kids dub?. Sometimes its Veoh, sometimes its WCO. YKiaZGs3 [ Del ] dubbedepisodes.

CoM – Watch Anime Online. Watch a new streaming simulcast anime episode every Saturday. What anime website do you use 1 Name: I wonder what anime only guys thought about the Gold Roger animewafflee. It looked like the cheap animation they use in episodes they don’t feel like putting any quality in.

If it exists, it’s probably there. One Piece Episode Discussi That and a 3 terabyte external usb3. IHDm3Mj7 [ Del ] almost always pne, but i sometimes use a different one. In the anime, before it is revealed, we see part of the flashback. After that, I go torrent hunting. MxhBAox8 [ Del ] gogoanime.


Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Jd58kS9i [ Del ] I use anime4fun. Actually, it’s part of the storyline.

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When you read the manga, you get the picture and the story. P2lDwWpF [ Del ] animefreak,goodanime,and dubhappy. There is also manga for those that prefer to read. XgiLA7hr [ Del ] I use soul-anime. This totally threw me off. You can also watch on your phone which is also nice. They work and the quality is good. I kinda like the new OP.

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