George Manley as Hirama eps 12, It shows both sides of the struggle, but maintains it’s stance that the right side is the good side, even if some people in it are not good. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, It caught my eyes since the moment I watched the trailer. Even the official manga translation has nothing like this! But from the context it’s still obvious and cool scene.

Crunchyroll Adds Parasyte -the maxim- Anime Oct 7, Lydia Morgenstern as Satomi Murano. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Just because there’s violence and sex does not make a show more mature. Sure Hirokawa’s reveal is a surprise, but I’m wondering he should try to survive at any cost and form a parasyte cult or whatever, to accomplish his goal. Views Features Reviews Columns.

There’s a place for ambiguity, but Parasyte overdoes it to the point of creating full-on plot holes.

Akiho Suzuki 15 episodes, We don’t have to watch humans kill and eat other humans daily, and lose our beloved ones.

If not absolute it surely is a master of character development. Alessio Puccio as Shinichi Izumi. The only female character that was interesting was the parasyte Reiko. That happened to me this week.

Thone Tran as Subway Girl ep 3. This leads into my second theory, and the one I think is more accurate: You may block cookies via standard web-browser settings, but e;isode site may not function correctly without cookies. I understand what Shinichi saw in paarsyte in the first few episodes, But as he developed and saw monstrous things one would have expected him to move on to someone with more brains in their head instead of idealistic naivety.


He concurs that regardless whatever humans go through, certain human elements read: Amandine Longeac as Yuko Tachikawa. Koki Maekochi Masaya Takahashi. And finally the soundtrack to this show compliments it so well. The parasite was only able to take over his right arm. I first noticed how elaborate the dialogues are and how much they manage to convey emotions.

Again, it’s still a great and worthy anime to watch! Now Hirokawa elaborates on this – someone had the thought that in order to preserve all life on Earth, humans must have a natural predator they cannot easily deal with.

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He is rather shocked when his hand morphs into a creature with eyes and a mouth and starts talking to him! The [OC Fanart] flair serves for fanart made by you.

I have two theories. I’m not sure if there’s an official term, but there are a few tropes on TVTropes in regard to having sex before something dangerous and stuff, so it does seem like a common trend in fiction at least. There was also a tendency to hammer in pretentious morals about life. She was just so parastye and the romance was ridiculous. The action in the second half of the series also didn’t seem as intense as it once was and the villains no longer feel all that threatening or menacing.

Are we supposed to be on the top? Just because there’s violence and sex does not make a show more mature.

Parasyte: The Maxim

What I will strongly defend the show for though, is how it was never a battle shonen. Yamagishi never stood a chance.


Yes No Report this. And I really empathized with many characters, especially once some of them have undergone some change. But damn is he scary. However, some humans manage to stop the parasites from taking over their brains.

Later, we were shocked to discover it was possible for multiple parasites to merge into one body As for the manga, I have no idea. Takaya Aoyagi as Kusano. I’m tired of people saying this show is underrated and a masterpiece. Normally, the weak members of a species are eliminated by the process of natural selection, but humans have risen above this and care for their weak, which Hirokawa claims brings us down as a species.

Because when put to task all of us must admit an obvious truth!

Wish Aug 4, Search for ” Parasyte: The evolutionary concept of survival of the fittest comes into direct conflict with the protagonist’s views on empathy and altruism which proves problematic for decision making and creates for him a moral dilemma: Look the plot and character development is good enough to carry the show, And yes the romance is annoying and terrible but you can skip it without missing much.