He goes back to his jeep and in teary eyes. Next day, Piyali receives a call from Sid and she tells him about Gaurav. Sid excuses from them so as to get drinks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Piyali calls Sid at his army camp and Sid informs that he will take the permission from his parents for taking her to the christmas ball. He signs off by saying — Keep watching, Keep Loving! Gaurav suggests that let Sid come and then they will inform her as there are some more days for him to come. Sid drives back and remembers all the good time he has spent with her, his promise to marry her after 18 months, and also her intimate moments with Gaurav, and even her decision to marry Gaurav.

Sid again goes to meet Piyali and speaks with her on the road as she was buying vegetables. She asks him whether he sees Chutkule spoils and says that he is a flirt, casanova Gaurav says he is trying to become , and spoilsbrat he gives that credit to his parents and also tells that he is a nice guy which he says that heard for the first time. She talks more on what he knows about Gaurav and says that he is a pilot, and a casanova who changes girls. Sid has confessed to his crime and now is in prison. What Have You Done? He says that he has dated pooja, celina which run upto six months as well and after that it was finished.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ganni se pyar krti. Meiyang Chang the host says that Sid knew that Piya will be lonely once he goes far from her. Season were hosted by Surbhi Jyoti and Meiyang Chang. Retrieved 23 October Paeth take advantage of abcents of his best friend……….

Next day, Sid approaches Piyali and asks for some direction from her. Gaurav wants Sid to beat him and says that Piyali is a packaged middle-class girl and says that he has done the same thing with Piyali the one which he did with Rhea. Indian anthology television series Indian drama television series Indian television series debuts Indian teen drama television series s Indian television series Indian television series endings.


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This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Gaurav takes her to the same waterfall lake place and she says that Sid has already taken her to this place. Season 4 and 5 were hosted by Parth Samthaan and Smriti Kalra. She pgaar that she only loves Sid and cries and her friend is not convinced with her answer. Meiyang Chang the host says that even a blind person can see that Piyali was drifting and gradually getting attracted to Gaurav. Sid was approaching home in his jeep during his telephone call.

He goes back to his jeep and in teary eyes. Gaurav praises Piyali and calls her to be a devi deity. He then professes his love for her and she says that he is mad and suggests there is nothing. Learn how your comment data is processed. She wants to go home and asks him to drop. Honey singh song playsGaurav is seen enjoying in swimming pool and tells Piyali that its a wild party and says that in order to know the whereabouts of his parents, he watches news channels.

After killing him, he speaks that Piyali used to love him and he spoke about Celine, Rhea and says that Piyali is not like them and piyali is special.

Gaurav comes to meet Piyali at home and also plays chess with her father. This story was amazing but yee sahii nahi tha but dekha jaye too us ne sahi bhi kiya and this episode song is very good.

Gaurav comes there uninvited and Sid informs him that it is an exclusive army party. Sid speaks that in war, life is not taken but life is saved. Avni bids a painful adieu to Neela in Naamkarann. After hearing this, Gaurav reminds to Sid that does he forgot about him and his attitude with women?


And then thought that Piyali will get support from Gaurav and he regards Gaurav more than his brother and trusts him blindly. Season 7 was hosted by Siddharth Gupta and Niti Taylor.

Parth Samthaan to host Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season five without Smriti Kalra

Sid excuses from them so as to get drinks. Piyali starts to become sad and he receives a call from Sid again. Retrieved 15 March He eyes her and is then seen that piyali leaving with her friends.

She says that she was waiting for his call until 2: He informs her that he likes her as its very hard to find a combination of smart and gorgeous personality. Hi mY story me bahut dard mila h me aaj bhi usse pyaar krta hu woha bhi hm se bahut pyaar krti h hm dono k bich bahut kuch aisa hua h ki aap sb yakin nhi kriye ga.

He wants to befriend her and says that he will not take her to his home and suggests that he should be quiet as he is speaking rubbish. Next morning, Piyali receives a call from Sid and he disconnects the call abruptly by giving some excuse. Gaurav tells him to hang on and says that what kind of love?

He says that he has said earlier that Sid is boring and tells that if she was with him she would be much better. Sid meri trah hai.

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