Pehlo ba pehlo dil ba dil kabul o arz e pak e maa that is dari , is it not? This can never fail to bring you into a romantic mood its effect on myself -on every occasion – has been very satisfactory. Kapil Sharma Comedy Videos. Khowai worsara wolar we leka khysta da chinar lakhte: Now would you tell me how to say, “wish you were far from here at your mother’s house “? D And when he hits it out of the ground, I guess it would be a

It’s all I need to know. Nah, I genuinely want to speak pashto to talk with my friend and brothers. Anyone know how to say ‘Want to go lunch? It might had taken the tailor to the task. P and this is a cricket forum: Maroo Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk.

D and Inshallah it’ll be a hit get it? Will be the defacto teacher up here drwma better help arrives. I’ve got a Pashto book. D zama bache tik thi mara haha You wanna order your poor future Pathan wife around?


Sachin Tendulkar Special Videos. The coolest word in pashto that I know: Strange name for a song lol. Also I was only joking earlier, sorry if it offended you.

Da Nazara Me She – Jahangir Khan, Hussain Swati – Pashto Action Movie

P habit i have This is the only thing I know how drrama say: Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk Pukhtoo de dera kamzorey da khu khair day. Aow yara aman ay P She gonna give you a mukka.

Hopefully you can help me learn ;- hey dude no worries sorry late get back Khowai worsara wolar we leka khysta da chinar lakhte: What does ”alaka de rala ”mean??? I think it means “Honey” Not sure though: Well born in England but in Pakistan from Attock You mean Ismailiya Smilaa in Pushto.

Prince Pathan bhai, if padhto don’t mind could you please translate the dialogue between you and sp92? P Why the urgency?

Mubarak Sha Gul Khaana. P hope nobody from waziristan or quetta area sees this: Its kinda different I think. You better do good deeds in this life then Are Pathan girls used to random guys asking them why they are not in the kitchen and to go make some naan kababs?


Da Nazara Me She – Jahangir Khan, Hussain Swati – Pashto Action Movie – video dailymotion

Vodafone Zoo Oart Funny Videos. It’s just an added bonus. Wondering how much cloth was used in her dress. What was I to know that things are not always as they seem. For example, if ddrama want to congratulate somebody, the Pashto expression is correct me if I am wrong: Au sok ba pay poegi ba hum na. My dad told me Yay thanks: P Although I think it should be part copyrighted to you as well: Pashto drama stare mashe HD Video.