In “The Abominable Bride”, in Sherlock’s Mind Palace , Mycroft is shown to be morbidly obese and engaging in a bet with Sherlock as to how long he has before dying. Blackwood plummets off the bridge and falls entangled in a noose of chains, killing him when the chain wrapped around his neck hangs him. Sherlock TV series Sherlock Holmes characters Lists of British television series characters Lists of crime television characters Lists of drama television characters Sherlock Holmes lists. Having taken a picture of the information for “Bond Air”, she was targeted by Americans, who were working with the British government to trick terrorists into thinking that their bomb would blow up a plane and take the lives of hundreds. He seems oblivious to the romantic attraction that Molly has toward him in the first two series. One of Watson’s blogs is titled “Sherlock Holmes Baffled”, the same title as a silent film , the first depiction of Holmes on film. She takes pictures of her clients during her job as “protection” to make sure her clients don’t do anything unfavourable to her. Filming began in October

I’ve never known anybody to have such a different evaluation in the press as the person they are in real life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sayers to explain discrepancies in John’s name between several of Conan Doyle’s stories. Madrid Days Mr. Films directed by Paul McGuigan. She stole her identity from a dead child five years before marrying John, seemingly deliberately choosing one named Mary as she “always liked” her middle name. Dates ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ For Christmas “.

Views Read Edit View history. Later in the episode, when Mycroft has agents turning over the flat to explain Sherlock’s recent actions and finds a DVD the recently deceased Mary Watson recorded for Sherlock, Mrs Hudson orders all the agents to leave her and John alone to watch the recording unless they wish to prove that they have no human decency, subsequently ordering Mycroft “Get out of my house, you reptile! His father sighs and looks a bit annoyed, but remains polite.

She was also sjerlock out by Mycroft for shfrlock photos of herself and one of her clients, a young and female member of the House of Windsor. John’s therapist notes he has “trust issues” sherlcok PTSDbut Sherlock’s brother Mycroft says that far from being “haunted by the war” John actually misses the thrill of battle.


Adler meets with Professor Moriarty to explain the events, but Moriarty, deeming her position compromised by her love for Holmes, poisons and kills her.

Audible Download Audio Books. He’s not a shouter or a bully. For the book, see A Scandal in Belgravia book.

From Wikipedia, the free irne. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sherlock Holmes: Donovan resents Sherlock’s presence at crime scenes and treats him with extreme disrespect and rudeness, cruelly calling him a “freak” to his face, and warns Watson that Sherlock is a psychopath who will one day get bored of catching killers and become one himself.

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Holmes discovers that the bomb was a cover for the specific assassination of Alfred Meinhard, one of the attendees, by Moriarty’s henchman, Sebastian Moran. In “The Sign of Three,” tilm is revealed that Mary is an orphan.

Holmes declines their generous offers of reward but continues to pursue the case. A Game of Shadows 12A “. The New York Times. In the hallucinations of ” The Abominable Bride “, Mrs.

Film Mayhem: Why I’m “SHERlocked”.

shrrlock He’s surprisingly lacking in ego. In Series Three, after Sherlock returns from his two-year absence, John selects Sherlock to vilm the best man at his and Mary’s wedding.

Holmew later makes a jab at her past, when explaining the secrets held by the people John knew. Moffat was awarded the Best Writer category for his work on the episode. He effortlessly cracks the code, revealing it to be a series of airline seat allocation numbers – Adler secretly texts the resulting flight information to Moriarty, who in turn texts Mycroft, revealing that he is now aware of the MOD ploy to fool the terrorists fil to bomb a plane.

This is me, in the flesh! Sherlock Holmes Martin Freeman This becomes his trademark—much to his annoyance as he greatly dislikes the hat, describing it in The Reichenbach Fall as a “death Frisbee ” and expressing confusion about the advantage this hat, according to its name, would provide hserlock a person hunting deer.

As Mycroft and the police arrive, Norbury produces a gun and shoots at Sherlock, but Mary takes the bullet and dies in John’s arms. She surprises Sherlock with her knowledge and insight into his character. Holmes and Watson follow clues to an industrial slaughterhouse, where they are taunted by Blackwood and forced to rescue Adler from a deathly conveyor belt trap.


However, Holmes realizes too late that he has been tricked and that the bomb is in a nearby hotel; its explosion kills a number of assembled businessmen.

Literally, if you search my computer, you’d think I was a porn star or something! In the first series John gets a locum job at a nearby general practice to supplement his pension.

A sequel is set for release in December Watson chases after Blackwood but is caught by a tripwire, setting off an explosion; Watson is able to warn Holmes and Adler to safety but is badly injured sberlock in the explosion.


John writes about Sherlock’s cases on his blogwhich attracts clients to them. Holmes helps Adler recover, though handcuffs her. Hudson fusses over Sherlock as if she were, and he takes it for granted that she will provide dinner for him. Watson, Simza, and an injured Holmes reunite and escape aboard a moving train.

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Madrid Days Mr. The only member of John’s family who has been alluded to thus far is his sister, Harriet aka Harrywith whom he has an estranged relationship due to her being a heavy drinker and the separation of her and her sherloc, Clara.

Holmes accepts the case. Her masterminding of a cunning criminal plan was, it was revealed late in the day, not her own doing, but dependent on the advice of Holmes’s arch nemesis, James Moriarty. He is an excellent actor, frequently shown to have convinced others that he is someone else — indeed his first appearance occurs as a gay man whom Molly is seeing, and Sherlock does not realise his identity at the time. Sherlock appears to accept this and asks for Adler’s phone.

After its broadcast on BBC One, the episode was given consolidated figures of Filming began in October Following the episode’s broadcast, the tabloid Daily Mail reported that Irene Adler’s nude scene early in the episode had been met with disapproval from some viewers who were concerned that it had been shown before the Views Read Edit View history.