Valeria Vidali as Yucie. The girls must overcome all obstacles and complete their tasks, no matter how daunting, in their petite bodies. Yumi Touma as Rosa eps 10, Yoshihiko Iwata ep 18 Assistant producer: Asami Sanada as Student A ep 8. Yucie returns to save Prince Arrow and collapses from exhaustion. Game Reviews Columns incl. Maaya Sakamoto as Aries ep

Andrew Kent Thomas Meerbott. John Ledford Mark Williams Producer: With the help of the fathers of the missing girls, he opens the gateway to the place of judgment so Yucie and Prince Arrow can retrieve what was lost. Yoshito Yasuhara as Fairy King. The viewers discover that the ruined empty world that was the place of judgment is actually the lost Magic World, a sixth realm in this story’s universe. In the end, Yucie and her fellow former candidates are readmitted into the Academy for further study. Game Reviews Columns incl.

Petite Princess Yucie (TV)

My Goddess SoltyRei — Ah! Sarah Richardson as Amphelina Aries.

prkncess In the anime, Cube is also Yucie’s butler and has a nearly identical design. Nibutaka Hiroka Nobutaka Hirooka. Paul Killam Post-Production Manager: ADV Films May 14, Barbara Yuci as Cocoloo. Mayumi Shintani as Rainbow Butterfly Scales ep Strangely enough, the five candidates Yucie, Glenda, Elmina, Cocoloo and Beth are representatives of these five existing worlds in this story’s universe. This reverts briefly for episode 19 with the ending imagery returning to what it was before, while the wording remains slightly changed.


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John Ledford Mark Williams. Kujira as Old Woman ep Theron Martin has the details. Tenkai no hime genru! As the episoe goes, once the Eternal Tiara is complete, it will select the Princess from the worthy candidates and can grant her princcess wish. Her memory of him is vague, and he was an adolescent at the time, so she has no idea what he may look like now or what kind of person he’s become.

Kelley Huston as Glenda. Asu no Yoichi Nyan Koi! Chiaki Maeda as Chawoo.

Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss? The Movie Ah! Noriko Shitaya as Girl 1 ep 2 Student C ep princdss. Melanie Dean as Helen.

Club Super 3 Spain Dubbing Studio: Hiroaki Hirata as Frederick. The girls are resolved in helping their friend and saving the Fairy Realm by defeating the ancient evil Diablo who threatens the existence of all the worlds.


The girls must overcome all obstacles and complete their tasks, no matter prnicess daunting, in their petite bodies. With her power as the Platinum Princess, her tears shine brightly on the ground, causing a miracle. See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. Shiho Kikuchi as Girl 3 ep 2. Domitilla D’Amico as Glenda.

Hiroshi Yanaka as Dan ep 3.

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Hiroto Tabata as Man ep Nick Creamer has the details. Kimberly Burke as Queen Ercell’s Mother. Maaya Sakamoto as Aries ep Kazuko Tadano Art Director: