Since all of the rooftops are interconnected, with the right company you can actually walk across the entire town. Class sizes are deliberately small 25 students or less and professional childcare is provided. Southern Lesvos has thus retained authenticity in its villages and solitude on its beaches, a state of affairs that should prevail well into the future. Inousses is deliberately kept tranquil and untouristed, some say, to keep it the private paradise of the locals and their illustrious relatives. Another catastrophe occurred with the earthquake of , when the dome of the katholikon caved in, damaging the mosaics. This route also features many little signposted huts, where beekeepers sell the superlative but inexpensive Samian honey — stop in for a free sample and walk away with a jar. The so-called their clear, cathartic Vasilis, who has been assisting travellers for over 30 years, can help with anything you need in Kambos, and in Ikaria in general.

It also boasts, in the upper part of town, an old church much grander and more ornate than Paleohori would seem to need. Proceeds benefit the municipality. Most shopping is found south of Plateia Vounakiou. The office is next to the Greek Telecommunications Company OTE; telephone office , about m after the large church by the bus stop. Some places that used to be women-only options have gone metrosexual, though two currently remain just for women. It has rooms, tavernas and modest nightlife, as well as some very fine beaches, some accessible only by boat. French-style doors lead to a private sitting area with coastal views.

But they all have their own idiosyncratic tastes and special foods that go with them. According to a theory long propounded by some Greeks pehrino foreign philhellenesgreat explorer Christopher Columbus was no Italian from the streets, as the conventional wisdom has it; rather, he was a Chios-born Greek, of noble Byzantine descent.

On the northern side of Mt Olympus, Agiasos is a picturesque, popular day-trip destination known petrno its local artisanry. Ferries from Lesvos to Ayval? Excursion boats and hydrofoils dock near Dolihi Tours Travel Agency. After the monastery, continue on the main road west for 4km, and turn left at a signposted road for another 4. It has a ppotami harbour of colourful fishing boats and tavernas, and nearby pebble beaches. Beach-side tavernas prepare fresh fish on the grill and in huge skillets, and there are many domatia around.


Meet like-minded independent travellers for a drink on the outdoor terrace, and enjoy good inexpensive home-cooked meals. A bit further on past the hotel are two pebble beaches, the most popular being Gagou Beach about 1km north of the town centre.

Continuing west from Plomari along the coast, Melinda is a peaceful fishing village with a beach, tavernas and domatia. What keeps people coming back, however, is the warm hospitality of the joint Greek-Turkish Spordilis family, who invite their guests to join them for a patio lunch.

The Samos Star leaves at 8. Getting Around Two weekly ca?

Petrino potami

Everything is great; try the roast chicken and Greek salad for a nourishing lunch. The friendly owner speaks a casf of languages.

Potsmi has only seven rooms, all clean and modern, with a lovely, relaxing garden, and the owners are friendly and helpful. Beyond the castle is a lovely sandy beach, while another, less windy one lies beyond that. Myrina has two good local beaches, the wide and sandy Rea Maditos, and a superior swath of sand, Rome? Most services are here.

Rooms fit up to four people and feature handsome combinations of wood and marble, all with new fixtures and good sea views. In low season there are two ferries weekly.

Petra, 5km south of Mithymna Molyvoshas become a popular, though low-key, resort. Samos also boasts a distinguished history. To solve the problem, ruler Polycrates put his dictatorial whims to good use, enlisting teams of labourers to dig into a mountainside according to the exacting plan of his ingenious engineer, Evpalinos. Adrenaline Cst Mountain biking the mountains of Thasos p?

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Pythagoras, that great Samian mathematician and, presumably, drinker came up with an ingenious invention that ensured party hosts and publicans could not be taken advantage of by guests aspiring to inebriation. Services are reduced on weekends. There are magnificent eptrino views and occasional unmarked revelations, like the cryptic ruins of the Church of Agios Haralambos, and the Chapel of Agios Antonios.


Village Hotel, with contemplative views over Vathy and its harbour below, the Elea serves invigorated Greek cuisine and international dishes as well, while doing fine renditions of old classics like swordfish souvlaki cubes of meat on skewers.

The village of Petri, to the east, has characteristic old kafeneia and features excellent views of Petra and the sea.

Class sizes are deliberately small 25 students or less and professional childcare is provided. However, enough survives to provide a glimmer of insight into the divine sanctuary that was actually four times larger than the Parthenon.

The potammi extensive Kambos is best toured by bicycle, moped or car. Nas itself has become a bit trendy, in a petrinoo way, and preserving this state of affairs has led the Greek police to vigorously break up impromptu beach hovels belonging to the hapless hippies the place attracts. Lonely Planet Publications lonelyplanet. This road lasts 9km before reverting to asphalt, and passes through serene forests of pine and olive trees.

Drinking Nightlife in Vathy Samos has a decidedly Greek flavour to it, especially when compared to the more Europeanised Pythagorio and the beach resorts. In any season mutually unconnected Samothraki and Thasos are particularly difficult potammi reach, and require a link from the mainland port of Kavala or else transit via Limnos.

Nevertheless, he can disclose some Greek customs for the better enjoyment of ouzo. With advance notice, pick-up can be arranged from Mytilini.