Ante quam in occasu longe per mi. Inde ad ciuitatem Tribisondam, quam continet prouincia Ana- ghie, mi. Postea peruenimus ad Messanam ciuitatem It was the best we could do with the money that we had. Inde uoluitur sinus Girace usque ad caput Brussani, habens a Stile ad Rocellam. Chairman, I just want to confirm exactly what we are finding for you. De l’arabe Taraf-al-arab Kurth.

I assume, given the record, that the Commission is not contemplating increasing it. It wasn’t a conventional licensed station, it wasn’t eligible until so our first report was for the last year covering the six month period in which the Commission determined it was eligible. Cui etiam S chiro in oriente iacet Mitellina insula mi. Ad latus cuius a facie septemtrionali sunt alie insule. We would have no problem justifying that. John’s we’ve been able to add “On Point,” a weekly minute political affairs program that started during the provincial election and is continuing as a regular feature. That’s on the record. We think it’s a valid point but just don’t make it one type of rule because one rule may not fit all.

Yesterday we heard a lot of comments from even the Shaw panel, which says that the Fund should go away. I didn’t say that it was a subsidy. Incipit prologus libri de existentia riueriarum et forma maris nostri Mediterranei quod diuidit Libiam et Europam et de ive locorum eius Super caput Valle de Stagno iacet insula Corciola habens in longitudine ml.

A reduction in the quality of our news coverage due to fewer resources being available translates into loss of audience as our local programming becomes less relevant to viewers. Ab Ancona ad Pescara ml.

A Salinis usque ad Regium ciuitatem inter circium et septemtrionem ml. Sed antequam peruentum fuerit ad exitum insulae uia nauium est ita p,us inter insulam illam et Romaniam quod homo audiri potest ab una ripa in alteram.

I would ask Commissioner Duncan to lead the questioning. Bathal est mons habens insulam paruam ante se et in mari siccum foras ante se uocatur Raselmegen Day-to-day things change, as well. In primis uero habetur portus Mezin et Zepthar Again, I think I could speak to that because, as zvance probably all aware, the market that we operate in has the highest satellite penetration in Canada and it’s been consistently since the beginning.


They find that, you know, the agencies are consolidating. If they appreciate it they watch it, do they not?

We either signed it under the terms that they enforced on us, or we basically had to give up episide licence, because we didn’t have any other option at that particular point. Euntes autem per gulfum ilium uersus Venetiam dimittent Romaniam et Sclauoniam et Istriam.

For them, I suppose, that is the motivation, but We were there before, we improved our service. Sarragosa que Siracusana dicitur Et inter insulam bflle Rodes et Rumaniam est mare latum per uiginti milliaria ad aestimatio- nem nautarum.

So we are producing at the level of two stations. In news programming, we pride ourselves on perhaps a higher cost type of programming. Appendice IV – Les distances du Liber. It encourages journalists, technicians, artists, outside productions companies, and it really has an economic impact on the community.

They have set lla their roots everywhere.

Tout acheter. Tout vendre. Tout simplement.

Angelo geli per levante ver lo greco. A Palormo ad Cimarram ml. But that was a decision that you negotiated with the CBC, in a market-oriented environment, and either chose avahce accept it or negotiated to the best of your ability, and that’s what the market result was, notwithstanding your financials.

To be relevant in today’s world that we live in, we have to continue to make major commitments to local Canadian content programming. A Gelle usque ad Carbolim mi. Hec respicit in septemtrio- nem Carthageniam ciuitatem Yspanie in transfretum per miliaria xc. Ocio enim eum praestantissimos codices P. Inde ad arcem et ciuitatem Maluasciam ml.

Sexto quinto anno exiebatur census de Africa per spatio quinque annorum et in Romam reddebatur census et ille annus lustris uocabatur. A Capocest ad sinum Scibinich mi. Cui deprope mons est ab oriente49 nomine Scilochab contra quem est insula Sciude. So I vje that’s where we would probably adjust ourselves.


Petites annonces au Sénégal |

We have that model under the CMF. A Bosforo Meotide paludes in oriente mi. That’s why I chose my words carefully. However, we have the only investigative news team in Winnipeg. Les monosyllabes sont surmon. Chapitre III – Le liber et les instructions nautiques. A puncta uero Mallo extenditur riueria in occasu usque ad ciuitatem Stanimuram ml.

Inde uoluitur portus Spartim et sinus Hereticorum quod in oriente extenditur ml. It seems a very short-term view to me. A quibus usque in Constantinopolim iam dictam sunt mi. Cogeco Cable is definitely not calling for an end to all BDU contributions to local expression.

A qua incipiuntur insuie Ciclades, quorum Cicladwn prima ab oriente Rodos, a sep- temtrione Thenedos, a ciuitate Athene et constructore eiusdem nominis dicta, a meridie Carphatos, unde Carpatium mare et carpatie naues, ab occasu Cuthera primum Prophyris a Cithero monte, nunc Cedrium, ab oriente finiuntur littoribus Asye, ab occasu mari Ycario, ab Ycaria insula et a puero Cretensi naufrago sic est dicta, a septemtrione mari Egeo, ab Egeo sinu quod a Phalario Corcire promontorio, a meridie mari Carphacio.

Well, certainly we would support that, as we said in our submission.

Infra quorum sunt Targaht et Tegheses33 et portus Columbe. Again, I think you have to look at our evolution and why there are two stations in the smallest market in Canada, why we’re in a market of only 90, people and yet we have two stations.

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This puts us at a significant competitive disadvantage. We have heard time and time again that once people start viewing in HD, they typically watch only HD channels.

Torre, golfo de la: Inde ad flumen et ciuitatem Addensem.