Directed By Michael Cuesta. Apparently the two artistic minds did not always meet. We learn how the entire town of Dillon, Texas, rests its hopes on the shoulders of perfect quarterback Jason Street—and then watch as an injury leaves him paralyzed for life and everyone else changed forever. Nagilum is the same way, though his cruelty is due to his curiosity. Steve Buscemi actually directed! Sydney, disguised as a call girl, infiltrates a private plane in order to get important information on SD

Heidi and Lauren are amid a season-long conflict over whether the former spread a rumor that Lauren and her ex had made a sex tape. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. A series that always started its episodes with a death begins its final one with new life — a fitting theme for a finale all about moving forward. Lauren wants to move out of her family home; Danielle is hoping to shake her accent; Angela just wants a nice, nonwomanizing boyfriend. Troi, begging for a chance to live over certain death? Have you ever had anything produced? So you’re telling me you don’t like Larry David ruining Ted Danson’s birthday party?

Vanderpump Rules S2 E Larry to John McEnroe: Does one of the supernerds have a very unusual hobby? Robot is one of the most visually distinct TV shows ever, so almost every shot has the potential to be iconic. The tragic yet hilarious final shot shows Lorelai comforting a sobbing Rory in the middle of the dance floor as Kirk performs his victory lap around them to the theme from Rocky.

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There was conflict, yes, but Jersey Shore was at its best when the cast indulged in quotidian activities. The possibility of connection—of briefly getting through to someone else—all contained in one night, on one set. Both Tyra and Landry have remarkably vulnerable moments in this episode that demonstrate just the sort of toll this murder has taken on their lives and their conscience. It includes sections such as “Multiple Stimulation” and “Gratification Threshold.

The Legend of Merle McQuoddy. A couple of weeks later, her friend Clay Jensen Dylan Minnette finds a box of 13 cassette tapes on his front porch, which Hannah recorded before taking her own life. Was The Jinx just entertainment? Donate to help keep Mark Does Stuff running! Matt My god, the writers really are driving home the idea of loneliness in Dillon and Austin, and it was right around when Julie broke things off with Matt that I realized this.


I mean, she really got her. Directed By Dee Rees. It rounded up a group of strangers that all belonged to a small but potent subculture, required the eight like-minded young people to live in a semisecluded house, and allowed conflict to ensue.

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At the same time, Lyla makes an important point: Rainbow has faith in the system, Andre is furious, and the family hashes out their differences, then splits them by going to a protest.

Will Jason become desperate enough to seek it out? I love the lack of resolution, the idea that the comeuppance the show was careening toward got withheld, but I understand how it frustrated a lot of fans. But a devastating meditation on loss definitely does. Pushing Daisies season 2 s02s02 4. A reprimand, but also a reassurance: Directed By Trey Parker.

Typically, The Bachelor ends when the Bachelor proposes, so something was clearly up when Arie got down on a knee in front of Becca with about 40 minutes remaining in the season finale.

What makes the scene so shocking, so unforgettable, so heartbreaking, is that it seems to go against the one rule of serialized storytelling: After five weeks, they finally captured the dolphin they had been trailing on camera—and learned it was actually five dolphins. Tony was supposed to protect and mentor Jackie Jr.

Part II in Harlan County.

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Crude, rude, and downright disgusting, Powers attempts to acclimate to life minus the sex, drugs, and velocity. If there’s dasies single metaphor in this entire experience, you know, that’s probably it.

As the projections of stars and galaxies pepper the wall, she yawns, and leans on her companion. Easily the ending, when, after a full episode of back-and-forth arguing, Charles and Sandy each refuse to choose an apartment, ceding the decision to each other until the episode resembles a Saturday Night Live skit.


Directed By Louis C. daiaies

The ambiguity denied any final judgments on Tony, instead challenging viewers to do that work on their own. But the three girls doubled down and defended themselves. Yet her transformation, while just sitting silently on a throne, is astounding. The Sopranos S3 E This should have been the Weeds series finale: The contestants complete a silly challenge do cockney accents next to Boris Kodjoe and pose for an uncomfortable photo shoot pillow fight with a male model while being sprayed with feathers.

He comes out to his father at the end of the episode. A quick, wattch recap of Season 1: It started out as an innocent modeling job! Are they changed or not? We looked to daisifs shows for the kind of complicated adult drama and nuanced characters that we found in the classic cinema of the s. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Michael McKean, hands onlie. Has my audience adapted to my taste? The Sopranos will have a longer life as a result. Meanwhile, her uncle and husband both have tantrums about not being king, which puts Elizabeth in the impossible position of trying to balance public duty and personal life.

That’s really my problem with the episode—the Battle of the Colony is so huge and so loud, your ears are still ringing by the time the episode ends, by which point you’re supposed to have experienced 15 other emotional peaks and valleys. For those of us at The Ringerthis meant assembling a list that not only s02e022 the best of prestige TV but also encapsulates everything that television has to offer: If upside counts for everything, then watching the transcendent rapport between two god-level bullshitters is the future of talk shows, if talk shows have a future at all.