TV actress Surbhi Jyoti badly injured; now resumes shoot! Shilpa suggests getting Manvi married but Upmanyu wants Manvi to make her career in music industry first. Archived from the original on 24 September Retrieved 13 December Seher while trying to escape meets with an accident and dies. They lie down, with her leaning on top to him. The series has shot many scenes which resemble some of the scenes from Bollywood. The new Sanam attempts to sell Seher into human trafficking.

She is shocked and frustrated thinking that this cant be. Retrieved 19 February Retrieved 28 December Retrieved 12 April Retrieved from ” https: They share a hug. Amrapali to die and return as her daughter in TV show”. Sign in Recover your password.

Retrieved 17 October Although she is unable to kill the new Sanam, she novembe to destroy her eternal youth as a witch. Later, samir is busy reading a novel, when his phone rings and its kainat. I want to see how that Talwar will throw me out of the house!

He asks her not to mind, as he wants her to stay inside, but thought it would be uncomfortable and awkward for her, hence didnt bring it up. Retrieved 25 March I saw his real face today. Later, as begum eyes haai room, she evilly thinks that she is so used to luxury, that she cant stay without it now. Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 20 January The third season of the show portrayed Aahil and Sanam’s incomplete love story. The Times Of India. He says that now the fun starts, to see how she is tortured.

Manvi wants to go for the rehearsals. I just hope khan bhegum tells mahira the truth n then she will realize who armaan is.


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Asad and Zoya reunite in Ajmer Dargah”. She collides with Sujoy. Armaan comes and confronts her, saying that he knwos that she hates him, but its justifiable, after what he did. Retrieved 21 January Page 1 of 1. After regaining her eyesight, Tanveer has Aahil marry a new Sanam, who becomes his second wife.

That is how she will trust your work. Raj vows to make sue Upmanyu is left bereft of all his happiness by next Diwali. Her voice is magical. Asad, in spite of his hatred for Rashid, shares a strong bond with Ayaan. Upmanyu asks Manvi how she got this much money. Retrieved 19 May Startled, immediately she jerks himself away.

She says that she is going right now, but soon she shall be back with a vengeance, and a plan to succeed in her motive, and instructs that till the time she doesnt, noone else should come close to him. She practices black magic. Dalia 16th Nov – Ehsaan sees this, and is relieved that movember wanted this all along, that imtiaz feels the love of a mother, and today he feels so.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 16th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She still refuses to sing for him ever. Not yet knowing that Haya is deaf and mute, Rahat gets annoyed goes back to his sad life.

Shilpa suggests getting Manvi married but Upmanyu wants Manvi to make her career in music industry first.

She says that she just wishes to say that if his heart beats today, its due to her azad, and somewhere he is responsible for his death and whatever he might do, she shall never be able to forgive him. Retrieved 19 January He thinks that hatred is the first step of love, and just like his heart drew her to him, in the same way, the same heart shall also draw her heart to him.


Retrieved 1 March Sanam then commits suicide vowing to haunt the new Sanam in the future. The story moved on with her clashes with the very orthodox, Asad Ahmed Khan and how she changed his conservative thinking and start of their love story. Retrieved 29 May Retrieved 22 May I completely agree wd dalia……Rahul is seriously awesome bt d actress oh god!!!!! She asks mahira if she is happy now, but she doesnt know afreen yet.

Leila 14th Nov – I went out for some work so I asked Manvi to get it. He says that he has made the mistake, as people who love come closer, unlike them, who are growing apart.

Manvi lies to her Baba to go to her rehearsals. Retrieved from ” https: Namdi aniki 17th Nov – The story of the show may be interesting, episods a large part of its success is because of writteh chemistry with co-star Karan Singh Grover.

As mahira eyes the burnt room, she hollers for gazalla and latif, and asks them what caused this fire. Upmanyu tries to dismiss the topic. Sign in Recover your password. After the sudden departure of Sanam, Dilshad and Haya move back to Bhopal.