Did you stop to let me say anything? Among us, only Rung can see the ghosts. Gives me stiff neck. Go home with me now. Well, he’s a ghostbuster. His mom is calling from Cambodia. I’m sending you to a reformatory.

I thought you said you could handle her. Yu, don’t let the spirit get out. Come on, open the door. Blow two quick breaths. Important information about purchasing this product: Don’t you know what time this is? God, Yu, you’re bleeding all over.

This original content has been created by or licensed to YesAsia. Yu, go check it out. Let’s get totally skb.

How long have we been together?

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Vote for the square face? I shouldn’t have asked. I couldn’t answer her riddles. How does it feel, you pointy head. God, Yu, you’re bleeding all over.

I didn’t do it. Tee doesn’t see the ghost.

Please Confirm

What if the cops came? Why haven’t you reincarnated already? I salute you, master.


Saint Jingle Bell school. You’re asking for a smack. If the state thinks casinos are illegal they must close down their own casinos.

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Do you know that the word “love” is spelled? There are people who don’t believe in reincarnation, but I do.

Ful happen, Master Tom? Gambler Tom Chantana Kittiyapan You think Don Temple is better? She wants her razor back. Son, you’re good at English. Come on, place your bet. Are you not getting it? What if we give the wrong answer? No Rating Available Tell a Friend. Did you cut my ear? A loading error has occurred. Get out of here. Why did the ghost cut my ear?

Tomorrow night, there’ll be three suckers from three countries coming to your casino. Did you stop to let me say anything?

Where are your men? Now, it’s J’Sam who takes over the whole business and stealthily turns the third floor into an illegal casino.


Move out if you don’t move out. Master Tom said so. We found him lying unconscious in the room where we found your daughter. What water is both green and red? How lucky are you to have a school to go to?

I have to cut costs. With your educational background, I’d prefer Thai. Highlight text to annotate it X. You movis really love me. Looks like your daughter can’t get along with her friends. I didn’t do anything. It’s a casino, not a convenient store. I can speak Thai. Why did you kick me?