So here I begin my rant. Read this and you’ll feel much, much. They need to learn to communicate with words. Gideon… WTF did you do? You can keep going like this! Gideon Cross , Eva Tramell. Chaotic, it could go from zero to sixty in a nano second.

Another thing that bothered me was the fact that she kept on pushing and pushing him to tell her what happened to him. To be honest, Cary was the only character I truly enjoyed about Reflected in You, you gotta love him. If I can have that, nothing else matters. View all 5 comments. And while I enjoyed all of the hot sex scenes, the lack of relationship building was off-putting for me, despite how much it fit with their personalities. Whew, my head is still spinning from reading this book! I love you, too. I can only imagine what these authors could be if only they had an original idea in themselves.

There’s one really dramatic twist that seems to make him fully understand, followed by an emotion-filled section of the story that I loved.

But in this book I was a crrossfire shocked with what they became. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It was them fucking, not making lo 2. It felt as if relejada were still back at the beginning and making no progress whatsoever. They cannot have sex enough, and he needs to know where she is and who she is with at every moment they are apart.

Gideon gives his all to Eva and makes sacrifices that no other man would, only to have her doubt him every minute they are not in bed together. Eva and Gideon’s story continues in Reflected in You however there is absolutely no progression or growth of their relationship until the last few chapters at which point we are serke with a truly rattling revelation. The main characters, Eva and Gideon, both have tortured past histories which generate multiple and complex personality traits like parasomnia confusional arousals and self destructive habits, complicating their rocky relationship.


Overall, it’s like a car crash. You know the one I’m talking about. Now go forth and read. Refresh and try again. It has been a wild ride but I feel the need to get off this emotional roller coaster. The way Gideon handles his crodsfire, his life and now Eva’s life too is just so wrong.

View all 4 comments. But, in a way, I felt that Gideon and Eva used sex in lieu of trying to communicate with each other. It was like 2pages. It was them fucking, not making love. I want you too much.

Reflejada en ti (Crossfire, #2) by Sylvia Day (3 star ratings)

All in all I can’t say I did not enjoy the book, I will look for the next and final one without a doubt. Cary, Eva’s best friend and roommate I didn’t know one could drag shit like that for 13 bloody chapters.

So here I begin my rant. Yes we did, very few answers, I expected a lot more.

They need an HEA!! So this is me going on about it in ne language. She deals with jealousy by trying to make Gideon jealous in return. The whole book was Eva trying to get some answers from him, and Gideon trying to avoid it with sex, and not saying anything and also she being pissed but not resisting the sex. Full review coming soon! Don’t make this wait so long! I need Cary to get his life together too.


I’m really not trying to bash this book; Crsosfire giving it 3 out of 5 stars because I did enjoy it more than I disliked it. I have great hope for Gideon and Eva now! Still, I really enjoy this series–among the better erotic fiction out there–and I like Eva and Gdeon.

The fighting and arguing between Gideon and Eva felt non-stop. I couldn’t wait to dive back into Gideon and Eva’s intense relationship to see how they were going to get past all of the MANY skeletons in their closets.

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The book barely stirred any emotions inside be appart from angry. Trivia About Reflected in Reflfjada Okay, he’s rich, he’s gorgeous, he’s out in bed I can’t wait to see how it’ll end in the third book; Entwined with you! Negative thoughts; – Poor story reflejafa. If I can have that, nothing else matters. And of course the chemistry between Gideon and Eva is clearly off-the-charts, and I love the intensity of it.

There was still absolutely NO details what so ever about Gideon and his abuse. God I loved this two in bared to you. He will tell you in due time.

And best of all, I loved the Gideon and Eva we see toward the end. Not only does Day once reflrjada shamelessly copies takes free inspiration from entire scenes of the the more in famous series but takes the concept of a deeply dysfunctional relationship to a whole new level.