Shy is not in college and will be unable to attend Sid’s party. He calls Yashwant Dev who is very angry with Yuvi and slaps him in front of Ashi. Yashwant Dev tells Yuvi that he plans to invest in Maurya. Yuvi’s father orders Yuvi to take up science and not arts. Ranveer speaks to all the kids and helps to prove Ashi’s innocence. He signs the entrance form for Yuvi and orders Jumbo to complete the remaining formalities. Ranveer breaks down completely after hearing the truth from Tia. Mitra is shown talking to a mysterious person and telling him that everything at Maurya is going according to their plan.

Sonia goes Vishal’s house to check out his real identity, but finds his house locked. Tia does not want Pallavi to spoil her birthday party. Episode – Apr 6, Ashi promises to return the money back to the kids and asks her mother to help her collect the money. Meanwhile, Sumeet along with all other parents organizes a protest against Mitra and the authorities. Tia confesses that she too, is very upset. MP’s father sends someone to pick her up.

Ranveer tells the Remix members that he would have to leave Maurya soon. Episode – Aug 11, Ranveer and Ahuja suspect that Arjun has links with the underworld.

Ashi finds out that Siddhant has been faking his heart illness and furious, she dumps him. Vrinda tells Tia that Ranveer is going back to Rajasthan next year. Shyla repeats her emotional drama and again wins Ranveer’s sympathy.

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Tia is grateful to Ranveer for this. Ashi and Yuvi who have also sneaked out to discuss some things bump into them. Episode – Oct 20, Ranveer tries talking to Tia, but in vain. Jumbo angrily tells the students that there is no such fire and that the alarm was a false alarm. But Aditya arrives there soon after. Ritu Bhatia episodes 1— Sandhya Ramachandran episode — Tia and her angels meet the real Shyla and thus understand that the imposter in their room is Ashi.


Yuvi tells Sid that he sees Anvesha in Shyladevi; Sid offers to take him to a shrink Sumeet Ahuja decides to call Kailash Kaka back. And then staeone, it’s Anvesha stagone Tia’ 18th Birthday. Yuvi offers to help Ashi solve Vrinda’s problem. But then, the number turns out to be that of a PCO.

Tia is worried as she overhears Ranveer and Aman talking about Vrinda leaving for Chennai. Ranveer shows Arjun the letter, which Sumeet Ahuja had sent to him. Ranveer readily accepts this responsibility much to Tia’s consternation.

They perform to four of their rocking numbers. Yuvi and Ranveer meet Sumeet and thank him but just as they return to their rooms, they hear an angry Mitra calling out their name. Stagone is happy that Sonia has come to meet her at Maurya. Latty and Shy report to Ashi that Yuvi and Sid are making fundraiser plans.

Ahuja gives Ranveer the responsibility of dealing with Chiche and thus helping in organize Tia’s birthday party. Episode staone Dec 20, Yuvi is very upset as he was not at fault and Mitra had taken away his lucky guitar. Raghav Dutt gets into trouble when Sid and Nakul misuse his signature to sneak out of the campus.

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Episode – June 7, Sonia convinces Sumeet to help her find out the truth about Vishal Khanna. Shyladevi has a deal for Tia. Episode Amidst all the confusion and misunderstandings, Tia and Ashi finally celabrate their birthday. Aditya speaks to Ashi about Malvika and convinces her into believing that there is nothing between them, although they stay together. Sonia tells Tia not to take too much stress about her problems with Ranvir.

Meanwhile, Ranveer and Tia, in their own spaces recall the day’s events and are thoroughly confused with the other’s behavior. Ranveer is tensed about how is he going to cope up with his job, his studies and his band practice. Sonia blames Pallavi in front of Sumeet Ahuja for writing the letter that hurt Tia on her birthday. Sumeet Ahuja comes to Maurya High, gives Ranveer a phone and tells him to co-operate with the cops as and when required.


Return to Satrone Remix. Episode – Feb 21, Ranveer has had enough and is now about to enter into a fight rdmix Vikram.

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Yashwant dev sends two of his men to the pub on the evening of the Remix performance. Episode – Jan 18, Jumbo decides to talk to the students himself and is shocked to see Tia leading the protest as bhe had suspected Ashi behind all this. Sonia instigates Yuvi to settle scores with Aditya. Ashi tells them Kalika will help her with seeking revenge from Yuvi. He borrows money from Varun and books his train ticket to Sanganer. The students stand up for Ranveer.

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Ashi tries to talk Ranveer into getting back with Tia but is unsuccessful. It is a now a race against time! Sonal Maasi tells Ranveer that she will not impose her decision on him and that he needs to decide on his moves.

Tia tries to cheer her up but even she gets upset thinking of Ranveer. Tia decides to expose Mitra in front of her father. Tia and her angels try to inquire about Shyla from Gloria but in vain. Meher is upset with Nakul for the poem he has written, for her.