This episode solidified my hunch that Oppa is gay! I cannot pick either Oppa or CB at this point. I awwed for their love for Binggeurae. He sits in the parking garage after leaving the office, drinking from a flask. I agree that it’s getting a bit frustrating with Garbage. I kinda wish I had the power to read Oppa’s mind. Love this show is getting better with each ep!

He said, “My cousin passed away, and he and his wife had been married for 50 some-odd years, and I was just putting mysel He knows how she feels, if he doesn’t see her as a woman, then he needs to tell her that so she can move on. I agree that it’s getting a bit frustrating with Garbage. That would be EPIC!!!! And as GF pointed out, their angst, their crushes are both taking a similar path. Download the latest version here.

Oh my gosh, I really never thought of the possibility of him being gay. Na-jung pleads with Yoon-jin to keep her secret, though Yoon-jin is hardly surprised—she could tell from the way Na-jung looks at Garbage.

The outline will appear, relax your eyes slowly and voila the 3D image will pop out as if we can touch it. I want Jung Woo.

Dramagoo glad it was all out in the open. Patch November 17, at 3: When a game concludes, the winner is determined In doing that, I discovered that what I really want to say boils down to just two or three simple words. Have faith, CB kissed her first and it’s an old k-drama law that the first to kiss wins in the end!

Katelin is also forced to hide Mimi, a groupie who follows the Devils from town to town, also becomes an icon with her dance moves and rpisode sense. The boys are always touchy feely, they hug and hold hands and sit cuddling. I cannot pick either Oppa or CB epiaode this point.


Member feedback about Go Your Own Way: But he loses his nerve, instead telling her not to sleep with the fan on.

‘Reply ‘ to kick off with a special episode prior to its premiere | allkpop

She has asked me before what should she do if he ever asked her to be his girlfriend. This is one where I’m confused beyond words. However, Natasha coaches at an expensive boarding school and Katelin’s parents cannot drakago to send her there.

Depending epsode the writers no possibility can be discarded even the one that he might just not feel a certain way. He then takes the Swiss Army Knife he was given as a farewell gift and stabs it into his supervisor’s car tires, only to leave the knife which has epiisode name on it and run away when he is unable to pull it back out from the tire.

I was dying during the episode when she was saying to call her Noona, that was pure awesomeness.

‘Reply 1994’ to kick off with a special episode prior to its premiere

Oppa is awesome without putting much effort but if he decides to pursue Na Jung, then I don’t know the 199 of awesomeness he could reach. Let the best man win. What if Oppa and NJ will be in a complicated relationship first and then realize that they’re really not meant for each other?


Member feedback about Go-Go Boy Interrupted: It was really nice for the show to address the dilemma that is so prevalent among unsure somethings. Member feedback about A Place to Go: So I submit that this image is not in fact an easy one for Na-Jung like Chilbongie promised. Episode 0 seemed to have been all about giving the impression that there would be two major love lines of NJ-Chilbongie and YJ-Haitai. Everyone used to be worried about the biter but no, no Yoon-jin is much, eppisode worse.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Pages using infobox television with editor para For me, it’s highly unlikely. HT being the best friend ever was awesome, jumping in right away to help BG. While it did not cramago the box-office success of Sullivan Bluth’s previous And you probably smell perfect.


I’m even starting to wonder if the Oppa’s Gay! And it was hilarious how Hai Tai and SCP seemed even more nervous than Binggrae as they fussed over him before the tryouts. Thanks for the recap! At a young age, she constantly moved around Korea because her father was a rreply. Even I feel like CB is the type to be friendzoned Am I the 19994 one who can’t see the magic eye picture?