Kill Rockchews to collect a Gnar Brain. This guide is Part 1 of a six-part series for the Defiants and a Guardian set is in the works as well. Activate Memory Image Control What did I miss, probably some kind of dropped item somewhere, but I’ve not found anything while hunting. Pit Fighter — 25 No one will mess with you, put down all comers and then some at Lotham Strike. You are commenting using your WordPress. Alsbeth the Discordant was the first of the cult leaders to reveal herself since the Ascended appeared on Telara.

It is in a small bush. Leaf of Silverwood In the town of Ravenna, behind a small building. Marshal Kain’s Field Journal: Some dailies will be unavailable until you have completed a prerequisite, but it seems that the daily offered from each NPC is simply on a rotation. In life, she had always sought power, be it befriending Asha Catari, the most powerful mage of her class at Quicksilver College, by moving up the social ladder in the court of King Jostir, or by choosing the side she thought she would have the most to gain from when rebellion broke out against Aedraxis. Talk to Guard Maculav. Peaks Assassin — 15 Hunt and kill 8 of the most dangerous threats to the Icewatch. Clobbering Cultists — 20 Destroy members of the Dragon Cults wherever you see them.

A History of Conflict. Rag Stilomoor This is on top of the building in the tower where the puzzle for Stillmorr is. Alsbeth has waited far too long for the River of Souls to open in Telara. Battle for Port Scion Conquest Escalation: Spinning Plates — 10 Find and solve the puzzle in Stonefield.


Join us on the official RIFT forums to discuss the event here. Tombs of Old 3. Talk to Uriel Chuluun in Meridian. Find and talk to Lord-Protector Nerval.

Activate Stone’s Grave Kill Stone.

Stillmoor – Guardian side – 70/72 Quests

Did you finish off all the other zone quests? Talk to Uriel Chuluun at 2in Scarlet Gorge.

Bound Ancients 27 The Saga of the Endless: Tempestflower Stems This node is located on the outskirts of Ravenna, Between a cliff and one of the houses.

Stalking the Sands — 15 Hunt and kill 3 of the rare creatures in Shimmersand. Coffee Cup This spawn is out on the rafter beam.

After Rise and Fall: Waldemar Once again – Look up. Travel quesy the South Srillmoor Anchor atin Freemarch. The Alsbeth Rothman Collection. Talk to Uriel Chuluun in Moonshade. Sleeping with the Fishes — 10 Find and solve the puzzle in Freemarch. The time now is Dragon Cult Annihilation — 5 Kill cultists from any of the dragon cults. Talk to Jahar Runesworn in Meridian. Activate the Mausoleum of Neddra to collect the Wrath of the Destroyer. Artifacts of Moonshade Highlands — 20 Complete all the artifact collection sets in Moonshade Highlands.

Activate Memory Image Control.

RIFT: Zone: Stillmoor

Artifacts of Gloamwood — 20 Complete all the artifact collection sets in Gloamwood. The goal here is to ring the bells behind each cage, which will then scare the bats AWAY from that bell, and then lock them all into a cage. Collect First Cultist Clue. On the Shores of Freemarch. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is ‘under’ the ramp that leads up around the building.


Talk to Guard Maculav. Vase You will not see this one at first. Close 5 Death Rifts in Scarlet Gorge. Did I mention some of them also give you Titles? Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Peaks Assassin — 15 Hunt and kill rjft of the most dangerous threats to the Icewatch. Collect Pure Distillate Red Handed — 5 Indulge in some petty theft. Special qualifications about quality Tucked behind a pillar up against a wall but pretty easily spotted.

Bargain Hunter — 5 Buy three different novelty items from Mort Grocer. Then talk to Neddra. Vigil’s Standard This artifact is esries inside the Eye of Regulos, up against one of the large tendrils sticking up out of the ground. The Saga of the Endless. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.