That little girl who got bullied is so damn cute! But I really believe in RTP because of many interesting points! Several “why”s explaining my thinking: Mainly Ha Ji Min solo and Yoochun too. The recap is up at dramabeans! I hope she will not cross the line and she will not be the new character for me which I want to kill.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It was so sad that Park Ha was the one who died in Jeson, but it showed her pure heart, and how muched she loved him even back then. Log in with Email. He then leaned forwards towards her face as if he was going to kiss her. Kim Yoo Suk Supporting Cast. The recap is up at dramabeans! She got scouted by the pd of Rooftop Prince after she drew this awesome cartoon of Rooftop Prince , which is also later adapted and used as the script cover.

Kim Dae Hee Supporting Cast. Jun Min Seo Supporting Cast. May 30, Reply.

Song Jae Hee Supporting Cast. Ahn Suk Hwan Supporting Cast. There’s this scene in the ep2 where the F4 accidentally turn on the television and showed this scene.

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Also RTP skews towards a younger audience that will likely epsiode online rather than on terrestrial television. Noone checked the face of drown girl.

Hi, just to share this tip to watch Rooftop Prince blocked videos on the Viki channel, use Firefox browser and follow the below method in the attached site. Little does he know that it is his new friends stepsister. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Cast – Rooftop Prince. But evil chosun Bu Yong is a really cruel twist to both Prince and viewers: Is it possible to dislike the bee sister way more than the murderer cousin??


Micky Yoochun and Han Ji-min are already starting to show signs of affection for each other.

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The super adorable cartoons you see in today’s episode are drawn by this fan artist that goes by the name of timtam, the Yoochun fans should be familiar with her because she’s drawn plenty of Yoochun fanarts in the past. And his cousin Tae Mu who has a secret affair with his secretary Se Na becomes a strong candidate for the successor to the company. I loved this drama! The overall reaction to the first episode has been positive all around.

I really enjoyed the first episode. Can you guess what movie and which actress starred in this film?

Tessieroo do you know where I can find some good icons for RoofTop Prince. Rooftop PrinceYoochun.

Rooftop Prince

Also, he has alot more episodes to go and who knows epislde the ratings are going to be. Na Young Hee Supporting Cast. Lee Moon Shik Supporting Cast.

Kyun Mi Ri Supporting Cast. When we have Tae Yong falling in the water director made the scene where his hand was like touching the hand of drown girl, if we assume that the drown girl is Bu Yong, it makes sense and it’s symbolic as Bu Yong Park Ha and Prince Tae Moo are destined soulmates 2. So RTP still came in second correct? Maybe she was terrified by the consequences of Bu Yong answering the riddle and getting even more of Prince’s attention According to first episode I’d say that more likely Princess would be the one poisoning, not being poisoned: Email required Address never made public.


As her face started to get red from the drinking, Lee Gak drmaacrazy her face with his hands. Choi Won Hong Supporting Cast.

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Song Jae Hee Supporting Cast. Fill in your details dramaxrazy or click an eisode to log in: The storyline is really good. DownloadRatingRooftop Prince. April 6, Reply. I guess we’ll see many fun and cute episodes on the next weeks. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Prev 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Next Page 55 of Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.