Indravadan makes fun of Sahil publicly and they have a fallout. Monisha says that if Arnab will come home, she will leave Sahil forever. A bitter tasting version of a candy we madly loved. All comes out to be good till they receive a shock for their future in the following 7 years. And it made me realise that sometimes, the first time is good enough. Soniya makes a prediction about a woman’s death with name starting with ‘M’ by 6:

Rosesh is participating in a stage play written by Jaimin. To escape an arrange marriage with Ajanta Sarita’s niece , Rosesh confesses to Maya that he has a wife, Rita and a son, Daksesh. Rosesh breaks up with Yuyu and returns. Maya is outraged and tells Monisha to make use of the money by giving it to charity and not wasting it on discount sales. They argue about it. He tells Sahil that he is falling in love with Koki.

Sahil discovers that the whole spirit thing is a prank by Indravardhan and Monisha. The new season returned in May on Hotstar as a web series. Maya’s uncle Popatlal is sick, so she decides to go to Los Angeles to see him. A psychic predicts that Rosesh should marry within a month or he will have to wait for 51 years. Arnab asks Sahil to apologize to Indravadan.

He then decides to play a prank on them. Indravadan has borderline cholesterol problem and it is up to Maya to make him lose his flab and cholesterol. Maya asks everyone to write their true e;isode on paper chits on the World Honesty Day. Try as hard as you may, just because it was great once, doesn’t mean it shall be epixode again! Maya and Monisha play Antakshari as a challenge. Suddenly, there were Sarabhai fan clubs, Maya retorts, Monisha memes and Rosesh poems flooding the internet.


Maya and Monisha stay in Indravadan’s flat. Monisha complains that Sahil is not romantic to her.

Maya and Rationalism

Sahil and Monisha fight due to lack of Sahil’s interest in Monisha. A bitter tasting version of a candy we madly loved. The Times of India. The humour seemed forced, the jokes weren’t funny and the characters lacked punch.

Maya and Indravardhan have a tiff. Rosesh gets very friendly with her. I’m a fanatic of the show and yet, I found myself blankly staring at the computer sarzbhai as e;isode after episode, the show failed to make me laugh. Dushyant gives Sahil an African Chant to recite. Maya disapproves their marriage and tried to stop it with fake prophecy by Sonia. Both Maya and Monisha are terrified.

Sahil-Monisha to Move to Delhi

After that she totally loses her voice. Soniya makes a prediction about a woman’s death with name starting with ‘M’ by 6: Please click “I Safabhai to accept this use of your data.

On Maya’s insistence, Monisha becomes sophisticated. Some were too dissapointed to even bother watching the series after the disastrous first episode. Monisha and Maya’s birthday falls on the same day and both want to go out with Sahil. Rosesh has insomnia and it drives all the others crazy.

I Was A Huge Sarabhai Fan But I’m Glad Season 2 Is Over. It Wasn’t The Show I Fell In Love With!

Monisha wants to prove that Sahil is a tiger and not a parrot. Monisha is also engaged to a vet. Sarabbhai and Maya goes to Arnab sports day and he gets misplaced.

We were dying to hear Maya chide Monisha for being too middle class. While they argue, Maya and Monisha return. Maya is upset and then scolds him. As the show marked the end of season 2 a couple of days ago, with no apparent sight of any other season in the future, it made me really, really sad.


Finally they enjoy the show as a family. Maya is outraged and tells Monisha to make use of the money by giving it to charity and not wasting it on discount sales. Some social activists demand his arrest.

Maya has bet with Indravadan that she can make fool of Sahil. Everyone’s printed chits are put in the Bowl. Madhubhai’s niece, Kismi comes to live with Maya and Indravadan.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Lists of Indian television series episodes Lists of sitcom television series episodes. When he comes home, she asks him about Cookie, but he thinks she has found out about Koki. Maya finally gets two tickets. Maya’s sister Nayesha and Monisha’s cousin Jugalkishore visit. Soniya and her friend bring Ba’s spirit in Monisha’s body to find the papers.

There are very bad comments for Maya written on the chits. And instead of making new memories in our mind, for some, it just ruined all that we loved about the show. Indravadan to invite Jayashree to his house for celebration of the International Family Week. Sahil convinces her that he is innocent. Sahil decides to have dinner with Maya and lunch with Monisha.

So Maya gets the gardner, servant and watchman to write the second act of the play. The society is celebrating daughter-in-law day and Baldev proposes that Monisha should speak about her mother-in-law.

Indravadan eats paani puri and then gets Diarrhoea. But Maya hates her mother.