School is supposed to be a drama that explores the actual Korean high school scene, picking out real life problems that teenagers face, in order to address them. He goes in for a closer look… and sees his name on the Worst Students list. He calls Heung-soo with a trumped-up excuse that Uhmforce is looking for him, then heads out to face the gang. I still love it. What the heck kind of friend is she? Log in with Email.

It was very touching yet very hilarious. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I think they could easily build up a meaningful relationship between the two without it being so. TS January 8, at 5: Most of those kids are way more attractive than some ordinary class. Do they really not want to come to school?

Based on the preview, there are great deals to come in episode 11, so I’m waiting for it right now, in an hour I hope: Uhmforce pulls Se-chan aside and warns him about something in the school guidelines regarding violence.

He sticks the gum under his desk and purposely settles back for naptime. The scene was so intense, but I couldn’t but be so distracted by their visible breaths every time they spoke.

But for the record my earlier dislike stands, in fact it’s intensified.

Drama korea high kick 3 sub indo, download drama korea high kick, ent korea high kick 3 sub indo, drama korea high school love on, downloa If were in a jdorama, they’ll be friends again after a couple of punches, a run with the baddies and a close call with the cops, but we’ve been through all that and yet even more pain and they have two meddling teachers to boot! Ha, Heung-soo shoots him this look.


Nam-soon rejects drammacrazy smoke and scoffs. No wonder it’s just him and his sister. Ah, looking forward to being part of this drama fandom, lol: Keep the bromance coming!!!!

Sometimes all you need to be awake and listen and you’d unintentionally absorb something the teacher has said and apply it to a few problems.

Dramacraay see many similarities.

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Whatever it is, Se-chan keeps this from In-jae, looking perturbed. Not in flashbacks, but in the present, so it was a welcome change in his demeanor. The same memory seems to be playing in their heads now as they sit on opposite sides of the room in silence. Apparently she’s still a firm believer in The Climb to the Top mentality or she’d have taken an entirely different route with Min Ki so he wouldn’t be as affected as his brother.

I’m also fascinated by the teaching styles personified by the two leads and the pressure to “teach to the test s “.

School 2013

Choi daniel was good for baby faced beauty Is she going to shame the school into reform? Ha-kyung keeps a meek, polite attitude with the teachers but drops the nice act with Nam-soon, telling him to do all the work himself.

Why kick up a fuss with dramacrzay kids? By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, I looooooooooooove hating them. But honestly I am more curious about what roads the kids took after they graduated high school or became adults.


Why are 2 of you asking for the raw links when semi fly has posted before your questions? Se-chan sends them this smirk, saying they are his now.

Park Hae Mi Supporting Cast. I mean, we’ve all seen the dramas and I suspect that a lot, like me, have read a lot of news also. He rdamacrazy so well – and not only his eyes and face but his whole body shows emotions. It’s part of life.

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Does he take Jung-ho for a pushover? As far as tiger moms go, we call them “helicopter parents” here. You should have just been there from the start. I still ‘like’ the drama but feel if it keeps on as is or goes even more deeper that I going to end the drama with that common feeling in finishing watching a k-drama of.

I always say that if you find a few people who are loyal in your lifetime, you can count them on one hand and have fingers left over. Dramacrxzy is my first post here. Where are you watching this show with subs?

Representative Oh in KoD Gokusen has a totally different format though