The writing took a really heavy blow by replacing both Satou Takuya director and Hanada Jukki series composition from the main staff, especially Jukki since his writing skills are amazing and his comedy is spot on seriously just look at his MAL profile: He ends up calling his stepsister Ringo Sugisaki at their house for the number, but she seems to toy with him, causing him to get desperate to hilarious results. First half had that heartwarming feeling that makes you feel happy, then the second half comes along and almost made me suffocate XD and Ringo is just soo cute. Me too never plays any all ages VN. Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. An anime that actually works by featuring only one room exists only on Sunday evenings! Dem blushes and smiles this episode bought a warm feeling this episode imo. She’s always been a part of the Harem, she was one of the 2 originals.

Or is this study group doomed before it even begins? Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju — Reikenzan: That’s what I’m talking about! Sugisaki’s imouto kinda cute there I must say. There’s some baseball themes in the episode although I’m not a big fan of the sport. The Student Council taught them a lesson as Lilicia makes an appearance stating “the journalism club is meant to make false stories of the Student council.

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An anime that actually works by featuring only one room exists only on Sunday evenings! They didn’t even animate the valentine chapter either! Kira Inugami Character Design: She is hilarious and I am so happy that she will be featured in next week’s episode.


Lol’d so hard when their parents stepped in at the wrong discussuon during their convo. She attempts to bring the student council down for good as she interview each of its members.

Poor Ken on that last scene too, that gotta suck.

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Too short much like Kore wa of the dead. Masahito Onoda Art Director: This episode wasn’t bad though. This show is at its best when he is embarrassing the girls or making them jealous. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: It was still decent, but seitookai to the first season, I found it to be very underwhelming.

Emotional episode and Ken finally got to express his feelings, but atleast they got to do some serious work in the student council before the graduation. So far the staff changes have not changed the feel and hilarity of this show at all. Unlimited Blade Works Hetalia: It’s beyond the fun any human can enjoy!

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Tatyana of Romancing SaGa 3. Sugisaki’s imouto kinda cute there I must say. It is still tasty but by no means transcendent, which the first season could be at times. And in the end, they always tease Aka-chan!

Keep in the right subthread. I like how in this second season there is more of supporting cast and extras, maybe last season Studio Deen didn’t get much money for aeitokai show? This is why battles occur because of factions fighting each other to justify their favourite ship.


I did not see xiscussion coming!!!!!!!!!! I think he will end up with Asuka at this rate. D I enjoyed the second half better as well.

I was under the impression there were supposed to be 11 including 0. It all depends on the second half of the season, and I am very optimistic now that we have Ringo and the iichizon friend splashing onto the scene.

Ringo is simply the best. And for all those who are wondering, yes this is last episode.

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I remember it kind of being hit or miss, so i wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it when I started ddiscussion on the series. Depending on whether women or men are nominated for student council will determine whether he tries to be the second vice president.

Next ep looks like we’ll be getting more of the her! Please tell me this isnt the end, I cannot accept this ending so soon.