I am working on big plugin package or maybe i will wait till R12 is on. How can it happen, that a customer gets a new base number when upgrading to X. And in our plugins have a field for this number that they must enter and it must match what they provided us? Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. In your plugins, you would do the same again and then compare the result with the user’s serial key. Also works, it’s just sad to have to do those mails. Maybe it’s better that these guys start paying for software – even if it’s just plugins. I -suppose- I’m not a lawyer or anything one could construct a safe reclaimer at the shop that a license will be shipped after payment -and- when a legit serial is sent.

You can try our unbeatable service and see how brilliant it is. They might get the idea that their support does make a difference for the authors, and for them. It doesn’t seem right to me. So if your plugin set is available for “free” aka as “stolen”, your customers have to compete to some of those people. Maybe giving them login data for a database on the maxon server or similar and letting third parties sign an according NDA contract beforehand. So the plugin serial can only work with a pirated c4d license, when the user makes his name public to the pirates.

Originally posted by ello or create a function that formats the harddisk if the serial is found if that works from a cinemaplugin but i guess that could make trouble, too. We have literally hundreds of thousands of direct downloads including categories such as: I’ll implement that for my license software, too. If a serial number occurs more than three times, it will be transfered to the black list. If you search a download site for Cinema 4d Studio But on the other hand, that guy has keyhen paid me keyegn the license.

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Take advantage of our limited one time FREE offer and gain special member access to unlimited direct downloads. That required me to rewrite my whole serial system routines as it was critical providing several users with the same r1.5 number.


Why not sell them a license and with the next update of our plugins stop registering the plugins when one of the well-known serials is being used?

This is a seril number that people would have only received after purchasing C4D. MAXON can not share any information about their customers, that would be a breach of information privacy. That way, we could still charge those guys and prevent the plugins from running at the other pirates’ machines except if they all decided to use the very same username, which is rather unlikely, I think.

Originally posted by cineast yeah but fortunately, some rather like that. My response to this person was Also my italian reseller cjnema some orders with the serial number ending, also rejected them. Hey Steve, I got the very same inquiry. On the long run and if they have the means to do it they might even pay for Cinema – at least for a Student license that isn’t too far off for most people. I’ve read some times ago, that some of you uses these digits as an customer id!

How often have you seen someone in a forum say that they have Max, Maya, C4D, Softimage, and so on – did they really pay for those? Downloads like Cinema 4d Studio And ketgen our plugins have a field for this number that they must seerial and it must match what they provided us? Mean while double check my register for each new sale.

Each day at least two of them want to buy my stuff, too. I also don’t see why you should be concerned about privated Cinema versions. Maybe it’s better that these guys start paying for software – even if it’s keyegn plugins. I know, it gets more and more. Therefore I must assume, and according to statistics probability seriak one can be quite sure, all other warez users rather download my plugin than buying it.

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I highly assume it was the same person. The database of the illegal digits is updated automatically: So there is still the question, whether that is possible in a legal way.


If not only to to -not- get in trouble seroal the person starts to complain at the money transfer partner PayPal etc. Download Cinema 4D Studio I cannot say anything about the “plugin bought or pirated plugin downloaded” situation as I cannot know which of my customers does it which way.

The manufacturers know there are people stealing cars and that they have their tricks to open a car, but these people are not the target customer anyway so there is no need to spend millions of dollars for researching new locking systems, these people seriql find a way to open these up again. A serial can also be referred to as a CD Xinema. So it seems, that this is not a good idea Probably you can find cinema 4d serial.

That is the point.

Serial number cinema 4d r11 ?

Is that a curious coincidence or is that a kind of VIP number? Since I again got license requests with the very same “” serial number, what shall we do?

Originally posted by Kabe Well, it does matter: Nobody denies there are these type of people. I -suppose- I’m not a lawyer or anything one could construct a safe reclaimer at the shop that a license will be shipped after payment -and- when a legit serial is sent.

I noticed my plugins get cracked, so i just want to detect if the files were changed, using the md5 checksum. Originally posted by Klaus Heyne. Or in more layman terms, “Don’t f”k with my time, or pay for it” …: Since software protection cannot be made crackproof, we should leave it to Maxon keyygen make C4D as pirate-safe as they feel necessary or possible, and stop worrying about it.

Such people are not a competitive threat for the most part.