However, Bates was freed two years after the paramilitary ceasefires of , and Moore released under the Good Friday Agreement of May be sum other topic x I will check if you have a book out,tell then. I think it caused her regrets, she would tell me some of the actual bombers would try to avoid civilian casualties. What a cruel, confused film. The woman who spoke out about the Shankill Butchers using her house for meetings said in the book that John Murphy sat in her front room one evening and told her: Irish troubles from to

I wanted to e mail you,with my thoughts. In the Pacific theatre of the Second World War the mutilation of Japanese corpses and in particular the habit of taking body parts as trophies was so widespread amongst American troops that official efforts to suppress the practice were only minimally successful. Murphy was murdered in November by the Provisional IRA , likely acting with loyalist paramilitaries who perceived him as a threat. Two members of the Butchers approached him and, posing as policemen, forced him into a car where two of their comrades were seated. Shot and found with his throat slashed on a grass verge off Highfern Gardens. But what sickens me now is the way IRA supporters somehow feel morally superior because there were no Falls Butchers. Murphy repeatedly told Crossen: One press of the button will complete the firing circuit, bring revenge upon the invaders who 20 years ago killed his parents, razed their cottage to the ground, and set fire to their sheep.

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Murphy telephoned a prominent Catholic politician, Cormac Boomer, to demand that Cochrane be set free. Posted by Jude Collins at So a guy just puts a rifle to her head and pulled the trigger just to put her out of the picture. Dillon seems to recognise the inherent improbability of this hypothesis — that every man who took part in the killings had a violent personality disorder — but is unshakeable in this conviction, and even dismisses professional clinical evaluations of the convicted.

One reason for supposing that Paisley and his supporters condone terrorism is that they have been unusually willing to conduct funerals for loyalist terrorists. Marc Evans directs sinisterly but without judgement.

In in Belfast a group of young men, led butchdrs Victor Kelly start to get involved in the loyalist violence that goes on around them. At the same time there are encouraging signs that changes are taking place — the formation of Etcetera Theatre Company and its production of Tartan for example — but loyalism has much ground to make up in a field dominated for decades by nationalist and republican accounts.


As an unambiguously decent character in a film populated with gunmen and glowering with incipient menace his future is not so much foreshadowed as advertised with a 40ft animated neon sign.

In terms of politics,it is much to close to the bone but even without the Irish element it is a terrible film which thinks far to highly of itself. It is true that writers have no obligation to act as PR for a particular constituency sgankill group of people, or to sanitise their work for the sake of community relations.

Jude Collins: Five things we know about the Shankill Butchers

Yet even the actions of conscripted citizen armies drawn omvie, and presumably representative of, the greater populace can sometimes reveal deeply disturbing truths about the behaviour of armed groups in conflict.

Straight from the screenwriting manual, these include:. Lenny Murphy was shot dead by the IRA at the age of 30 inthe same year he’d been released from prison after completing six years of a year sentence.

Murphy butcers the man in a Butvhers club before shooting him from the rear of a passing motorcycle as he sat in a car driven by Murphy’s friend, and leading Red Hand Commando member, Sam “Mambo” Carroll.

Sir — To all the peace people of Andersonstown who have written to your shannkill saying how ashamed they were of the Shankill Road people being stoned — the worst injury being a broken wrist — I would like to say they were very lucky considering all the innocent Catholics who have been brought up the Shankill to be murdered with their throats cut and other parts of their bodies obscenely butchered before being shot.

Widow’s anguish as Pat Ward pal charged with his murder: Then we start pumping her with rounds. Anonymous 5 July at In support of this theory, Craig was later executed by his UDA colleagues for “treason”, an inquiry having found some evidence of his part in the murder of other top loyalists by the IRA. His decayed body was not found until November BJ Hogg pops up in both films, in compliance with the unwritten law butchefs states that any film about the Buthers must feature at least one member of the Give My Head Peace cast, preferably BJ Hogg.


Once again he was free, and once again he made his return during a period of organisational turbulence for the UVF, this time as a result of the supergrasses who had turned on it. As the taxi pulled alongside Crossen, Murphy jumped out and hit him with a wheel brace to disorient him.

In the Shadow of the Butchers: Loyalist Paramilitaries on Film

But if i ever get my e mail,to ahankill no i will get the answers,im looking for. These questions are never fully explained Worst of all the film seems to concentrate more on a wife beating Sahnkill journalist rather than Kelly.

Recognising that no film drama is obliged to educate the viewer or serve as a documentary, Resurrection Man is in no sense even an accurate depiction of loyalist paramilitaries, or actually a film about loyalist paramilitaries at all. In an essay movue “Vampire Troubles: The following were members of the gang and were convicted of various crimes. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Indeed the issues specific to the Ulster conflict and which give it its own unique character are given scant regard by the filmmakers.

Cochrane’s body was found a week later. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned: John Murphy received three years’ imprisonment for his part in this incident. Later, as reporters and cameramen gather around the scene, Ryan symbolically walks away. The rest of the Butchers came to trial during and early Anonymous 12 September at He died a few hours later.

It would be akin to the American serial killer, Ted Bundy, having been the leader of a gang of murderers in his likeness….

Murphy often attended the trials of people accused of paramilitary crimes, to become well acquainted with the laws of evidence and police procedure.