Faye July 3, at 7: Before he can turn to face his attacker the weapon discharges, lodging a bullet in his neck. What a showcase for Son Ye Jin, and how she’s truly rocking it. I live in Mexico and I can access it here but I’m going on an exchange trip to Argentina and I’ll die if my Viki app doesn’t work there: Korean Drama Friday, August 23, Clicky seems to have more depth and more screen time compared to our Nemo who did not want to be found for 11 episodes. Whatever happens from now on is out of her hands.

And poor Yi Hyun – no one told her brother died? I never felt this insulted in all my years of Kdrama watching. He is accompanied tearfully by his closest male friends Soo Hyun, Joon Young Neerja Sharma Sunday, August 25, Our hero merely responds in kind: He also fills her in on the details from the street encounter in which he’d received it — from “Kim Jun’s” odd behavior, to his long term knowledge of her spying. Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate! You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Shark Episode Recap I think the epdrmaa kind of lost me when she started lying so much to her husband and doing everything but run to a “love hotel” with Shark Dude. And she’s not going to sit back and let things happen to her.

He, of course, sees her climbing into a car with Jae-hyuk and there are glares and sad looks all around. There is one difference: Detective Byeon looks to him as if stunned.

She passes over many seemingly eperama items until an unusual hairpin catches her eye.

Fantasy and Love: Complete List of Korean Drama’s

First time watching KNG drama, a good actor. I think GY and JH have had crazy chemistry from the start. I was fine if they had to kill him off, but the way he went was just so pointless and stupid.

At the river, Detective Byeon and his men search for the body in the water.

They just had to not show that for reasons I will never understand. It isn’t as good as what he was given on Chairman Jo, but slush funds and attempted lobbying are just the start.


I liked ep 19 more than 20 if I may say so. Count of Monte Cristo is a good call.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. To me, overcoming your internal struggles to do the right thing is rather heroic. The chairman is dragged out by the police, buffeted by prying reporters.

But the assassin pulls the trigger, and shoots Yi-soo in the neck. Then An-na visits Young-gul, dressed to kill and bearing champagne.

That seemed totally lost in the shuffle of, oh, introducing and resolving a serious illness and transplant in the last 20 minutes of the show. Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate! Yoyr recaps are highly enjoyable even though it appears that we are both rooting for opposite teams. I agree that one of the most compelling and sad parts of Shark is that Hae Woo is the one who will suffer the most, both due to Yi-Soo’s planning and because of her finding out that her beloved Haraboji is evil, when she’s done so little to deserve that suffering.

Hmm, the scriptwriter would probably want to write an amazing story too, one that she can be proud of, but in some cases maybe most the producers and broadcasting station guys are the ones who would force the writer to change the plot a few eps before it gets filmed, just to get ratings up and all that. But Son Ye Jin! Yes, you suffered Yi Soo, but let it go. He bleeds my heart dry. Dad looks utterly terrified.

Though the final episode left many things untied, but i still enjoyed this drama.

You Might Also Like. Francky i love korean dramas but if you can tell everytime the end of a story just by looking at the male lead, why bother watching!? There’s no reason other people hang out eipsode the other side of the glass eight, right?

Mhai Dehar Saturday, November 30, 9: Can’t they give him a happy ending at least? I watched Faith and Arang as soon as the subs were up episodf these shows in this manner. Reflecting, I think writer-nim just couldn’t come up with a better solution for the love triangle than to kill off YS.


Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap

Thanks for the recap. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I always knew she had a strong streak of bad-assery in her; great to see it. Anonymous Tuesday, August 13, 1: Something went wrong with the screencap you chose for Dad-turning-back-to-Shadow like two frames overlapping, you can see it around the eye which makes it even creepier and terrifying. May 1, June 8, Detective Byun seems to realize that his former colleague saved this man from being murdered by not showing the photo. Your recap made me laugh I m rooting for this drama more and more coz how many dramas do you get where the heroin is no nonsense, strong, brilliant comes straight to the point and address the issue instead of hysteria.

What does Michael have to say about his overseas investment changing so many hands in so little time? Many questions still lingering my minds: His eyes are brimming with tears by this point, and he whispers aloud to the empty room: I found it while searching oon Yahoo News.

Fashion King: Episode 13 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Clicky seems to have 02 depth and more screen time compared to our Nemo who did not want to be found for 11 episodes. Park needs a bigger part, stat. Plus the whole last-minute YH disease thing with the liver transplant I just finished episode 12 and it was great. Sure, he is all cute and stuff, but her continued stunned reaction to his constant attempts to win her over made me realize something.