Did anyone think ‘It’s Arwen all over again,’ when she’s healing Kili with the Athalas. Gatiss did a marvellous job with the fanservice. And being the awesome person she is, she let us do that as well. Even, after the movie I kept saying to the others, ‘He hit Gandalf! Thank Goodness I finally have, because I hate to have books that I’ve only half read hanging around. Also, you’d think after all they’d been through that Thorin wouldn’t leave any of the dwarves behind at all. Did anyone else freak out when Thranduil is like ‘I see you hiding in the shadows’ and you’re like ‘Oh, awkward.

Submit your answers in a comment on this post. I made it without subtitles! And her making him gloves before he leaves. The Desolation of Smaug was pretty awesome. You must verify your account in order to post comments. Well, everyone thought it was a bit more elaborate but it was actually really simple, and we all feel a bit stupid, I shouldn’t wonder. The Desolation of Smaug:

Season 1 — Episode 2.

There were so many laugh-out loud moments. Posted January 2, I made it without subtitles! She really stood out from the other elves seeing as she has red hair. And I liked Tauriel’s ‘He is rather tall for a saeson comment to Legolas.

But chasing after the Arkenstone was pretty funny to watch. Stargate is personally my favorite show of all time though. Now, being the nice person that I am. I’m not quite so sure about Autumn. Mycroft and Sherlock are hysterical.

After all, he does get rather greedy in the book, if anyone remembers that little detail. She was smart and resourceful, though a little attached to the dwarves, adn most importantly to Kili. Well, everyone thought it was a bit more elaborate but it was actually really simple, and we all feel a bit stupid, I shouldn’t wonder. The Avengers Character talking: Idk if you are into anime at all, but there are ton of series in that I could suggest if I had a better idea of what you’re into.


My favourite part with him probably has got to be his conversation with Tauriel in Thranduil’s dungeons. All times are GMT.

Now, if you are from a big family, this idea of watching something in the middle of the day which your younger siblings aren’t allowed to watch is a very strange concept. I was also like, when he says about how she wants him to come home to her safe, I sherllock unhappily, ‘Well, that’s not going to happen. I was surprised that Bilbo was actually a lot more of a follower in this movie though. Yes, that book that I was really really annoyed and disgusted with.

And I also think that it was funny seeing as he’s best friend in the T. Yeah, I was a bit confused as Anderson had his own theory at the start. I’ve been stressing about it, actually if you’d believe it.

An Irish Maiden: ‘Well, surprise me.’ ‘I’m certainly endeavouring to, Sir.’

I picked up a few references from the original stories, which I was rather proud of, I didn’t pick up half of them, as some were more subtle. There were some really funny Mycroft and Sherlock moments which were really funny.

You can stream or download the MP4 here in P quality. Also, not a two year sherlcok please, a year, no more.

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Also, Heroes the tv show was good. Posted January 4, I did love the way the show sortof poked fun at itself at points. Don Lockwood and Kathy Selden. Did anyone think ‘It’s Arwen all over again,’ when she’s healing Kili with the Athalas. It was like the writers scrolled through tumblr and was like “okay so they like this this this this and not this GOT IT! Thank you so much, though for finding it on-line, Autty!


It was a total surprise that Mary didn’t like it, and neither did Sherlock. Had to holme, sorry. D Cannot wait for this! I really enjoyed it, too! Lord Shen and Po.

And I really like her. The probe uncovers a potential threat to homeland security. But isn’t it obvious when he promises the men that he most certainly won’t give them what he promised them. But next MQQ I will be more straight rules.

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You MAY ask immediate family members parents, siblings, pets, etc. It’s surprisingly more mature than I thought it would be, but I am loving reading it anyway. Oh, and Sherlock drives a motor-bike. D Now, the mystery wasn’t much of a mystery, it was more like ‘A Study in Pink’ where there are introductions and that sort of stuff.

Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! And I didn’t have a problem with that. Anita Gillette Claire Renziger. Last Jump to page: Which Sherlock Holmes are You?