In this persona, Roger claims that his middle name is due to the fact he was born with a dead twin who had an extra butt instead of a face. And somebody has nothing. Look, I am Sidney, OK? Roger can get any character to do just about anything. Want to go get dinner? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And that cramps my style. You can tell me the password so I can call off the hit.

I don’t even touch the devil’s nectar. And I still have two years left on my Apple Care. He killed a female admirer, Sidney Huffman, murdered five college students, pushed an adopted kid out of an airplane to pretended he was him and sent death threats to Merlin Olsen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You left the case open and a pair of gloves are gone! Your toothy mug is the only cure for my morning maladies. All I want in this life is a good-hearted employed sober fella who treats me nice.

Fiona in an attempt to become the greatest actor in the world. Only the best game ever! Have a stupendous day!

For starters, you constantly raid the fridge and drink all my Five Alive. The man from the clinic stopped by the store yesterday. There’s only one way out of this. Bill Tucker, my boyfriend Rico got drunk and buried me alive.


From that moment on, you had a life of your own. In personal modern society But what Episofe need to know is Roger, I know you’re in there. A grown man weeing lika a My God, I took a hit out on myself.

Hildegarde, slow down and chew. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Both of us can live, together as one person who is the best eisode both of e;isode. Death Wish was a movie. But if you say “Yes” to my next question, I’ll know that all the dark clouds in the world couldn’t rain on Sidney Huffman’s parade. Roger took on this persona to make Steve cool in order to win a bet the Roger made with Klaus.

Then it will be “Hello, gloves” and “Goobye, not gloves”.

8 Reasons Roger From ‘American Dad’ Is The F’n Craziest Character On TV

Prepare to have your life destroyed! It was purchased by a co-signer on your account. Luckily, police mistake him for the real Kevin Bacon, who is subsequently arrested.

The spell is broken. Now, somebody has a pair.


American Dad s04e02 Episode Script

They’re still playing at that dumbass game. Just like my missing glove. Previous Shplanda Next Episode. What do you think I am? Roger taking down a drug ring while high on coke! One of my personas has taken on a life of its own!

Epstein was his grandfather, but the name was changed to hide the Jewish. Eventually, Stan is arrested for his earlier crime of assaulted in U.

Marshall and Roger, though displeased about having to come to jury at 8: We all wear metaphorical mask to hide our true selves in them.

I need to know some of Sidney’s favorite words. Want to go get dinner? You did just make a big purchase. You’re a good egg. When Steve mentioned it had to be consensual sex, Roger decided Ace was not a very good persona to help him.