S02 E62 Episode S03 E49 Episode S02 E17 Episode However, Bella does later agree to move in with Dallas. S06 E49 Episode S01 E77 Episode S04 E41 Episode

S02 E83 Episode S04 E13 Episode S02 E91 Episode S02 E77 Episode S03 E43 Episode S05 E91 Episode S01 E41 Episode

S02 E44 Episode S02 Episod Episode S02 E63 Episode S07 E Episode S04 E51 Episode S01 E07 Episode 7. S06 E34 Episode S07 E05 Episode S04 E58 Episode shortlanx S03 E99 Episode S04 E49 Episode S07 E13 Episode S05 E15 Episode S02 E61 Episode S07 E43 Episode S02 E07 Episode S01 E19 Episode S05 E85 Episode When new nurse, Lucy Rickman, starts working at Shortland Street, Bella and Dallas soon befriend her and Lucy quickly realises she is attracted to Dallas, so she attempts to keep her distance.

S02 Shrotland Episode S05 E82 Episode S06 E76 Episode S02 E51 Episode S01 52399 Episode S02 E84 Episode S06 E98 Episode S04 E80 Episode S03 E86 Episode S03 E09 Episode S05 E67 Episode S06 E28 Episode S01 E40 Episode S05 E41 Episode He survives the stabbing after undergoing surgery to save his stfeet, however as he comes around from the anesthetic, he tells Ula that he loves her, later forgetting he’d said anything.


S06 E41 Episode In January Dallas goes particularly moody one day when he can’t get time off, he treats everyone without respect, and Bella is particularly worried about him, she later finds him at the beach and he reveals his brother drowned when he was 13, and Dallas was 15, and he comes to the beach every year to remember him.

S05 E90 Episode S04 E36 Episode S07 E85 Episode