The first ending is “Bravo! Paola Della Pasqua as Nadeshiko. The two have a misunderstanding, and Rikka runs off while Rima continues her work They decide to have Ikuto spend the night at a hotel. The group is glad Maa is okay, and they head home. All of the Guardians make fun of Kiseki, causing him to “become a spirit.

After the X Eggs leave Rikka sees one that stayed behind and smiles, thinking that it chose to forgive her. Eggs, making them transform into Twin Dream. Shunzou Miyasaka as Baseball club member ep 92 Black doll ep 88 Black suit 6 episodes eps 64, 80, , 91, Ludovica De Caro as Manami. Eggs causing them to wreak havoc. Rikka is trying to save a cat from a tree branch. Switching to Lunatic Charm, she attacks with Nightmare Lorelei.

Now that they know what the cause of Nana’s fever is, Amu decides to go home when Lulu’s mom asks Amu to sleep-over. Doki is the sequel to the Japanese anime television series Shugo Chara! Rhythm is getting along with all the Guardian Characters except Kiseki.

Nick Creamer has the details. All of the X Eggs are purified and the Embryo appears.

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At a photo shoot, the girl Guardians learn that she is going to sing in the next Girls’ festival. Nagihiko and Amu started to think about what Tsukasa and Tadase would think about it and approved Rikka’s “application”.


He tries to lift a rocket-style play set, but the Guardians hold it down. The scene then shows Kazuomi Hoshinathe director of Easter, explaining his plot.

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Shugo Chara! Party!

Then, they talk about all the Guardians, and how Diamond hatched. Yoru joins them, but he can’t get Ikuto to come to his senses. A stray heart aims for Rima, but Nagihiko jumps and takes it, almost confessing he’s Nadeshiko to the rest of them.

Yoriko Nagata as Kiko Ebihara ep Eventually, they get many people to come. Federica Valenti as Rima Mashiro.

While Amu is leaving, Lulu de Morcerf shows up to see Manami. Amu comments on how kind that is. Hirokazu Miyahara as Black suit ep Party 19 – Utau’s Wavering Heart Episode Rikka accidentally says the word “prince” in front of Tadase, and unwittingly triggers his Character Change. The new program, Shugo Chara Party! The first ending is “Bravo! On Amu’s way home, she bumps into a little boy.


A musical for Shugo Chara! Nagihiko ends up falling in a hole himself, and in a show of humor, pulls Rima down the hole with him. Amu’s guardians characters suggest some ways to cure the illness, but Rikka yells at them for thinking of ways that can’t help it. Meanwhile, at Seiyo Academy, some students come and interview the Guardians for their class newspaper.

Makoto Ishii as Santa ep Amu and the others get worried about Rikka suddenly losing her sparkle Amu tells her that Rima is actually a very kind person.

They go onto the ferris wheel first, only to realize that Hotaru is unexpectedly suffering acrophobia. Yaya has applied to have teen model Yua Sakurai come to the school. They head off to see Hitomi hypnotized, singing and putting everybody eisode a trance. Yaya uses Black Duckies, Go Go to seduce the dog.

Afterwards, they both fall asleep. Retrieved September 24,