The use of three DLP chips provides all the benefits of that technology and obviously means no colour wheel, thus eliminating the rainbows that their use creates. However anyone who can afford the Lumis 3D-S can either position it far enough away or use a hush box. Given how well DLP handles motion we found this mode to be largely redundant and always used PureMovie for 24p content. In fact if you have a Lumis 3D-S at home there really is no reason to ever go to the cinema again. Page 74 of Any predictions at what Sim might show at CES? As a result of all these developments the Lumis 3D-S was capable of producing the best 3D images we have seen from a single projector setup.

Hi all new to this thread. In your opinion where would the best place for it be? I was wondering if flashing new firmware will be worth a try. AVS Forum articles Contests. Craig Peer is offline. I measured my Lumis 3D-S at At present the only way to calibrate a 3D image is to put the glasses in front of the meter which is a rather haphazard way of calibrating a display. However anyone who can afford the Lumis 3D-S can either position it far enough away or use a hush box.

Fully light controlled room. Do any of you guys ever get your Sim2 projectors serviced? The Lumagen could handle this task as well.

SIM2 Grand Cinema C3X Lumis 3D Projection Calculator – Throw Distance and Screen Size

This results in the Lumis 3D-S making more noise than projectors with less brightness, producing a NC rating of about 35 which is higher than the THX specification of Whilst lumls function certainly worked we felt that the native black levels of the Lumis 3D-S were already good enough and thus it cindma unnecessary especially given the minor artefacts that resulted from using it.

You want this Total 0. Quite simply the Lumis 3D-S offers the best 3D performance you will see from a consumer projector and represents a new reference point.

As good as the JVC projectors are, one of the weaknesses of Cinnema is handling motion and you will cinemaa smearing and a loss of detail in movement such as camera pans.

Given the capabilities of the Lumis 3D-S and the incredible degree of control available through the Live Colour Calibration LCC software a professional calibrator will be able to fine tune the accuracy of the Lumis 3D-S to an gtand level.


The fact is that delivering this kind of performance just doesn’t come cheap and requires a combination of cutting edge technology, state of the art software, high quality components and superior craftsmanship. The Sim2 is 10bit from input to the screen. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. This control is not a normal dynamic iris and actually sits within the light path itself but it essentially does the same thing.

With the player set to i the projector correctly deinterlaced and displayed both the video and film resolution tests provided the aspect ratio is set to Pixel cinma Pixel of course and showed excellent scaling and filtering performance as well as good resolution enhancement. Brian B is offline.

This test is an easy way of spotting if a display is clipping above reference white and thus losing detail in bright parts of the image. Thirdly whilst the blacks aren’t quite up to JVC levels they are still excellent and the far greater brightness results in an incredible dynamic range and extremely punchy images. What is the lastest Software version of the lumi 3d-s? The Lumis 3D-S passed every single test except for the test showing the peaks for the luma channels of the three primary colours, here green was clearly clipping.

When watching 3D content the Lumis 3D-S automatically increases the light output and opens the iris to produce a brightness of nearly 1, lumens even with the glasses on. Frankly, I am not xinema I need a 4k projector. In fact if you have a Lumis 3D-S at home there really is no reason to ever go to the cinema again. If there is one area where the JVC projectors still have an edge it is with black levels. Yes, my password is: Originally Posted by audvid.

It also comes in the standard high-gloss gun metal finish and along with the red there is also a rather inappropriate white and a cjnema more suitable black. Any predictions at what Sim might show at CES?

Sim2 Grand Cinema C3X Lumis 3D-Solo – DLP projector – 3D

The Lumis 3D-S’s performance was equally impressive with the film detail test, correctly locking on to the image resulting in no aliasing in the speedway seats behind the race car. In doing so SIM2 is able to eliminate the crosstalk and flicker that often plague 3D displays.

Of course anyone buying a projector like the Lumis 3D-S will almost certainly be using some form of system controller so the remote is largely unimportant.


The 3D images had the brightness to make an impact but also retained colour and greyscale accuracy.

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Hi all new to this thread. There is also a Dynamic Range Low test hich allows you to check that a display is only showing detail down to video level 17 which represents reference black. Once you have entered the menu there are four primary menu screens – Picture slm2, ImageSetup and Menu. No, create an account now.

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3d-silo simply had to unscrew the old bulb out of its housing and screw in the new bulb. The better alternative would be the up coming Panasonic UB which preserves 4: Last edited by seanoo; at The faster response times of DLP and its inherently better motion handling result in smooth and artefact free 3D images that are nothing short of a revelation.

At a rated output of 3, lumens the Lumis 3D-S is something of a light canon and in our black testing environment we used the lowest bulb setting W and the smallest iris setting. Thanks Pete, I’m hoping they show something new but you may be right. The colour options also feature two different tone textures which combine a matte accent and a gloss finish. As long as the bulb you replace is this one, you should be fine.

Secondly the build standard is exemplary with high quality optics and perfect alignment of the three panels resulting in incredibly gradn images. One of the major benefits of DLP is motion handling and this was very evident, especially on camera pans.

The room can vary from light to dark but as it is not a dedicated room but Any settings would be great fully appreciated, I was also looking at the possibility of getting the unit professionally calibrated later on if that would bring out the best of this unit.

Are the genuine ones that much better? I measured my Lumis 3D-S at Man i can get about 5 after market ones to 1 genuine.