Do you have a favorite you could recommend for me. Is there a ceiling on what you would pay over and above the insurance claim for either window? In your opinion which would be your choice and do these quotes seem reasonable? So is there another brand of window I should be looking for? I thought I would get my own opinion. I plan to stay here only another few years, and am looking for mid-range windows. He said they where the best.

Since all the reviews are for double-hung windows, do any of the reviews really matter if I am buying sliders? All 4 screws are exposed on these windows, and it just looks.. This window would block out too much light for my taste. Home Depot Window Installations. Do you have a favorite you could recommend for me. I am still confused about replacement vs. He said they where the best.

All the people who have given me a quote say that my 55500 windows will be completely removed. Looks like a manufacturing defect. Which do you think is the better window between the Simonton and Berkshire Elite?

Reflections Series Windows – Simonton Windows – CADdetails

It utilizes some older design elements and offers less than outstanding performance numbers. Needing to replace 6 windows and wanting to get the best bang for my buck for vinyl replacements. My buddy puts in the simonton I live in Frederick, Maryland and replacing all windows in a home built in Does the large size of my windows matter at all with vinyl windows?


My neighbors had new window installed at the same time by a different maker, and they do not have the same issue. Energy efficient options help lower heating and cooling costs.

He said they where the best. I am looking at Plygem or Simonton Prism.

The Simonton is a double hung and the Windsor is a single hung quote. In middle of a Simonton install. I threw them all out and used my own pan head screws. The bowed sashes are likely caused by either the fit of the sashes to the frame or the calibration of the welder and saws.

Other than the big box stores it seems like Provia, Wincore and Simonton are my best options. You can also subscribe without commenting. Living in north central West Virginia simlnton seems that my options are a bit limited. My company offers Revere vinyl windows in your area and the difference is pretty substantial. I thought I would get my own opinion. Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty with 3-year glass breakage warranty on when ordered with double-strength glass.

The frames are thicker blocking more light, the air infiltration ratings are geflections letting in more air and they use the cheaper constant force balances. Not available with the driftwood vinyl color or Decorum options. Who else should I consider?

Simonton Reflections 5500 Review

We had a storm damage 8 windows in our house as well as our roof and siding. The bugle head wants to start pulling through or deforming the vinyl. I have Simonton in my house. Is there some issue I should look out for before installation?



Shortly after installation, we were plagued with ongoing, multiple problems that required so many service calls we lost count. The Simonton Reflections is at the higher end of the Simonton replacement windows. In three catagories — high, mid, and low, what are your recommendations?

Add gallery images and windows to custom rooms in your own house. Not a bad window, Excellent customer service.

Thankfully we only had three installed. In your opinion which would be your choice and do these quotes seem reasonable? You may want to open the top one day. In my opinion, the Reflection windows are of a fairly low quality.

Increase energy performance and comfort with standard Low E glass and Argon gas. We will be posting video reviews of some of the popular Simonton windows soon so keep your eye out.

Elegant color choices with white and tan vinyl and color-matched grid options. If you get 2 quotes from 2 companies offering the exact same product then the price becomes a relatively reflectiohs point of differentiation. See the sash stop that prevents the bottom sash from sliding all the way to the top. Did you pick a brand?