I love this show. She asks about the fan, and Eun-oh says the same person gave him the fan and the hairpin: Finally the fight I’ve been waiting for: Episodes by LollyPip. Was saving Eun-oh the thing that upset the balance? Either EO’s Mom is dead, sharing the body, or her soul is tucked away somewhere in a jar. They go for a midnight stroll and Arang sighs that her memory has to hurry back to her so she can be of help to Eun-oh.

Bundled with them is the final talisman he was reaching for when he fell. AND we got another Eun-oh trespassing on someone’s property scene. Sinopsis Heartstrings episode 8 part 2. CPR to the drain. Minea September 20, at Archived from the original on November 28, He believes that if he helps her, Arang will regain her memories and give him information about his mother. Epic Grimm Reaper fight scene.

This is an exciting episode But then it occurs to Eun-oh that he should be asking questions too, like whether Mu-young recognizes that hairpin. Dude, do you know how creepy that is?

The drama is based on famous folkloreas most ghost stories are: He still says he saw nothing. I knew he wasn’t exactly alive. I love this show. Who else thinks Jade is Eun-oh’s teacher? Download the latest version here. I, too, am forever grateful. I mean, she left the poor boy dead outside on the ground! He puts his hand out and walks around the room, feeling the supernatural energy. Next time it needs to be mutual, though.


Hm, you be speaking in metaphors old man?

He believes that if he helps her, Arang peisode regain her memories and give him information about his mother. I hope someone takes all of Eun-oh’s fight scenes and just put it in one video. Mia Sihopsis 20, at 9: And the kiss was such a great emotional outburst from Eun-oh, because it does nothing to save her or make her come back faster. I think the Big Bad needs souls and bodies, just for different purposes.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

I don’t even remember much what happened after that kiss. I read that the Marang team over at viki lost some subbers, that’s why it has been slow. That would really be a surprise twist.

Tne sounded as if wifey happened upon that. I think I still miss half of what’s being conveyed, but I’m hooked anyway by the interesting, gothic feel of the show and the great performances Archived from the original on February 3, And I don’t care how long it takes you cause you’re so awesome.

Or she just hoodwinked mom. Fairies and Grim Reapers can marry?! Bang-wool is sitting in her spot, going over that familiar voice she heard the other night, when Arang happens to walk past her. Mu-young returns to heaven and starts puzzling it out.

Along the way, they must prevent Arang from being captured by Mu-young, the leader of the local grim reapers. Epic Grimm Reaper fight scene. This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat I’m sharing my breath! Arang stirs awake to find Eun-oh sleeping by her bedside, sitting up. They kick him to the ground and she kicks and bites and wriggles free. Eunoh-Muyeong fight scene is so jjang!


Joo-wal arrives and watches from the distance. A great big cake. He hhe over in front of Arang and urges her to run. I agree that the Big Bad needs bodies and souls for different purposes – the souls of pure innocent girls every 3 or so years to rhe her soul’s youth, and the bodies to occupy and replace when they grow old.

Mu-young is so awesomely formidable, but Eun-oh holds his own, and the force from their blows knock each other back. I was so happy – I was giddy!

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 11 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I’m a bit confused about something, can someone please explain to me? You have the gift for gab and blab! At first, Eun-oh rejects her request. Thanks for the recaps!