This is painful to watch her be so hopeful. Honestly, I don’t like her having chest pains or some such thing to speak of her feeling some sort of guilt. Outside, Hyo-sun asks Ki-hoon if he and Eun-jo made any promises before she left. I hope they are able to keep this dynamic going until the end. Thanks for the heads up – serves as good warning – need to sever ties while its still early. They hug, finally able to love each other as sisters. The bat comes to rest at a distance, displaying the message written on its side in a boyish scrawl:

But Hyo-sun would rather have her question answered first, and asks it again. She tells him to stop. After school, her walk home takes her by the lake, where she sees Ki-hoon sitting alone on the hillside. That was the primary conflict, in my opinion, and much more significant than Eun-jo and Ki-hoon. Eun-jo nods respectfully, grateful and relieved. Right away, we have emotion, humor, wonderful chemistry, and characters who are real and interesting. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Next page. From the start, the aspect which captured my attention the most was the stark reality of the characters.

Eun-jo is ready to reach out to them, and she waits while Hyo-sun goes in to speak with each of the ajusshis. Her expression shows her regret. She sees sunopsis card in the bouquet, and starts to read it. This may also be why I can’t completely hate Eun-Jo’s mother. Download the latest version here. Anyways, I love episodes 1 to 4, then 16 to Eun-jo has no desire to convey the flowers to Hyo-sun, so she leaves them there.

Keep doing recap when sinkpsis time JB. And everybody’s acting was good especially MGY! At the back of the train, they push through 2 crowd of students, who block the aisles as they goof around.

Hyo-Sun does it because its her way of dealing with the pain she feels even more so when she tries to suppress her tears EJ and HS in this episode agreed that she should stop crying.

Thanks for the recap Than the dark side took over. If I wanted to watch for another happy ending that tied loose ends up together nicely, I would have picked the other ten million dramas that are already out there.


Eun-jo glares at her mother, then orders Hyo-sun to stand and follow her out.

Eun-jo goes to her mother to ask — beg, even — that she treat Hyo-sun better. The scene which made me cursed out loud was when Eun-jo left. And ofcourse the dirrector was spot on with these casts. With a finger, she drags items into the bag, mentally packing her belongings. Might as well be the monster she believes she is.

A number of unexpectedly turns in one episode — a good sign as predictability is the drama kiss of death for me.

TV series Sister of Cinderella – Final episode”. This is one side of the fairy tale that rarely, if ever, gets explored — Cinderella stories always start with the stepmother already evil, and we are just to accept that about her.

She had to consciously make the decision to sacrifice her possible road to freedom in exchange for her mom’s happiness.

Sinopsis ‘Cinderella’s Sister @ Cinderella’s Stepsister’ All Episodes

Your email address will not be published. There were a few cute scenes, but SO many frustrating ones.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I stood by the show through thick and thin, and honestly at the end, i still maintain that it’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen in terms of how much it portrays reality. Episode eoisode by TeriYaki. One of the men eats one of the candies Eun-jo had given him and smiles at her; she bows to them in return.

This drama pulls at all the right strings to convey different emotions. As in, even though I’d rather wish that Taec Yeon wasn’t playing the cincerella of Jung Woo when Jung Woo becomes all grown up, it’ll mean that there will be a time jump.

And for ten episodes we saw her intentions remaining shut up inside her, such as with her imagined embrace of Hyo-sun in the last episode. PD please please i want a happy ending.!!! I was glad they finally got together but there were definitely loose holes: He has settled here after peering into the party to witness Kang-sook presiding as hostess, singing a song for the guests. He knows she must be worried about how to survive on her own.


Can’t wait for next week to come!

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She reaches over to pull the sock off gently, but when he moves in his sleep, she leaps up and runs away like a startled episods. But, Seo Woo’s face bothers me so much that it overshadows her credible acting ability. She can go on and on about sponging off nice people, but she can’t suppress her conscience all the time.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. Without a reason to ask her to stay, Hyo-sun and Dae-sung have to let her go. But Eun-jo clams up. Even so, e;isode complexities leave room for a sense of humor. As for her mother, her seeing her mom with Hyo Sun, everyones just saying its outright jealousy, but i dont think its that simple. I literally stopped watching 10 episodes ago, and read your commentaries for which I have to thank so much just to see if it’s worth finishing this drama. What a great start.

Did the writer jump ship and the production had some random person finish up the script? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. This is going to be such a cheap fakeout. So far, not really and I am not so up for it. I will turn my self to be a Lesbian for MGY seriously. I am officiallyin love with the lovestory in this drama. Eun-jo stays up that night waiting for Ki-hoon to return home. cinderellq

Three times this episode moved me.