Cheon Myeong said that rather than sitting idly to be anxiously wait for that fateful day she thinks it will be wise that they are well prepare to anticipate for that day to come. Deok Man said that she has realise as she finally found this out today. Eul Jae tells Se Jong that it is contempt in the council to bring up such allegation of accusation. In small doses arsenic is regarded as a vital stimulant, and is used in states of debility, exhaustion, and restlessness, and where burning pain and prostrating diarrhea exist. Cheon Myeong plays along that to asked Mi Shil that she is implying that Deok Man is that alleged other younger twin. Kim Yu Shin comes running to aide by whacking everybody in sight. Bi Dam apologise but asked Kim Yu Shin to be understanding.

Chil Sook claims that he first believe the thought that he was so lucky each time that he is now still alive. Tidak memperdulikan teriakan penuh amarah dari pria itu, Bidam mengikat Deokman yang rencananya bakal diserahkan ke Seolwon. Bi Dam said that let them discuss this after this when this is over. Deok man still resist to agree. Bi Dam said that he will pay for the value of the medicine later but he needs to take back Deok Man at once Seok Bum thinks that Bi Dam is crazy to single handed to demand Deok Man from them. Bi Dam said that there is the lives of the people are worth more versus against a life. Kim Yu Shin said they are referring to that subject of discussion.

Mi Shil asked whether the emissary read the pamphlet.

Tidak cuma itu, Munno juga meminta Yushin dan Deokman untuk meninggalkan desa Yangji. Rupanya Deokman punya rencana lain, ia berhasil meyakinkan Bidam untuk membiarkan dirinya memegang belati Raja Jinheung.

Bisa dibayangkan, bagaimana marah dan kagetnya Raja Jinpyeong.

Usaha Deokman untuk bunuh diri dengan menggunakan pisau Raja Jinheung gagal, namun tiba-tiba muncul Bidam. Seol Won Rang gave his assurance that once Deok Man is handed over to them, the medicine goods is his to take away. Bi Dam said that he has taken good but then he has a change of mind on the method of payment that it is not correct. Setelah pengambilan suara yang dimenangi kubu Sejong, Chilseok akhirnya menuturkan semua yang dialaminya selama 20 tahun.


Moon Noh shouts at Bi Gdeat that it indeed absurd that Deok Man may want to thanked Bi Dam on what he has done to her that does eppisode really sincerely thanked him for the matter.

SINOPSIS Queen Seon Duk Episode 1 – 62 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Saat tinggal sendiri, Mishil diingatkan oleh Pendeta Seori Song Ok-sook tentang ramalan bintang biduk. Sebagai imbalannya, Yushin bakal dinikahkan dengan Putri Cheonmyeong yang memang memerlukan pendamping.

Seok Bum said that they are all been killed in a flash of time. Deok Man asked Kim Yu Shin to leave her before it happened as she is grezt worth it.

Deok Man looks at Kim YU shin but she said in her heart that the least that people will able to live episoed her sake that she feels that is sufficient Kim Yu Shin calls out Deok Man who is silent. Deok Man recalls Bi Dam telling her that she can save people if she surrenders herself. Deok Man asked what then.

Thank you and credits to http: Only one year later Li Shi Min charged a plot against the crown prince, killed his brothers and forced his own father abdicate in his favour to resume the throne. Ho Jae said that moreover Princess Deok Man has been arrested yet. Setelah hari berganti, Bidam menggiring Deokman ke tempat dimana ia berjanji bakal bertemu Seolwon.

Bi Dam insists that he went to save someone as Moon Noh scream at him.


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Kim Yu Shin comes running to aide by whacking everybody in sight. Deok Man looks as though she is suffering dyspnea then glances at the distance. Deok Man came forwards to confirm that Bi Dam did rescue her from certain situation. Moon Noh asked whether there were deaths involve in saving this someone. Kim Yu Shin asked for the question of the usage of the place as Bi Dam said that they have no choice with the circumstances at hand, they need somewhere to put the patient.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 28

Bi Dam said that they need to earn their greqt for their meal ticket by doing chores Kim Seo Hyeon is informed that Seol Won Rang is seen within the vicinity. Kim Yu Shin tells that Deok Man is being foolish with her thoughts Deok Man said that she just needs to die that she had thought of that.

Deok Man asked what if they can escape what then, can they able to do anything about the matter.

Baek Eui asked whether it is suggesting that King Jinpyeong is somewhat confine under house arrest in Seorabeol. Bi Dam said that if it is a choice between a person versus people, it is natural to choose the larger quantity.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 28

Seok Bum comes with his men as they surrounded the place where Deok Man is in. Bi Dam throw Kim Yu Shin his dinner. Se Jong asked Mi Saeng to enter. View my complete profile.