Episodes by odilettante. And then he fondles his broom. It’s sort of like cutting in line so I can see where she’s coming from. I guess like KC, we are finding out, as the drama goes on and as we are watching it , how the bracelet works. Thank you GF for your recap!! Gon asks if he seems like enough of an idiot to fall for an act like that. Attractiveness is subjective though.

I wonder if they used a different actress because maybe SH did something to her face or something was done to her face by someone , and now she looks different, so JGW will not recognize her? I know some rom-coms set in modern times which could learn from this Good thing he has enough Coolosity in reserve to overcome this momentary loss in dignity. Now, if they could just add some extensions here and there He is like a totally diff person here. I think the term comes from an older show but I think it’s more well known through Buffy. It was exciting to see that KC didn’t transform, when YW was next to him, whether she was actually touching him or not.

I hope to see more of KWs relationship with wol ryung, seohwa, the admiral, and YW’s dad. It just isn’t famil. It gets irritating after a while.

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At the same time, Tae-seo gets word that Jo Gwan-woong plans to string Kang-chi up publicly, and his face falls. Our discussions are insightful and episoode, at least for me, another thing I love about this site. All the crossdressing hijinks with none of the angst? Soo-ryun arrives with her gisaengs in tow and exchanges a furtive glance with Tae-seo. Inuyasha movie live action! Seo Hwa menaruh puteranya ke dalam keranjang dan menghanyutkannya ke sungai dengan harapan ada yang akan menolongnya.

Again, I do not know either Anony or Ivoire and I write objectively as a bystander.

It was such an epic moment! You can see that sunopsis both hurting. Let’s get some action, folks. Dam Yeo Wool Suzy is a master of martial arts and archery. Super happy that the writers didn’t succumb to making her just a pathetic second lead.


Also, both men challenge KC to use more than his episose, to use his brain, to better himself in all aspects, to understand what it means to be a human being and behave like one.

Anony June 11, at However, I still can’t believe that the writers are still making them not hearing about the rumors. At least she is loyal. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

Familg turned 26 this Jan; Korean age Download the latest version here. Why is that annoying?

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Sinposis, Kang-chi finds his old friend Ok-man and asks for his help with something in the vault. I have a feeling it might be a trap since TS is under a spell and all but i cant see what GW will gain from that soo its most likely not. I already saw YW doubting the relationship because of the talk with CJ. D lolI sometimes mix sarang with saram haha Whether she is a Frankenstein creature, vampire thing, or just human, still appears pretty messed up.

I loved that show, siinopsis should definitely watch it sometime if you can and if gook like fantasy sageuks, you’ll like this too – Buffy is kind of like a better-executed Yeo-wool, and played by a hook more competent actress. Just a neat factoid, the actress that play the head giseng is married to a YG entertainment executive named Sean Noh. Dissecting it, and being made to see the characters and the themes explored through someone else’s eyes and boookand learning a few things in the process.

Peace fangirls out there: Age and experience would tell her that to destroy GW she needed to re-acquire both power and wealth. This episode felt very satisfying except for the endingand I found myself pondering many things after I watched it. Oh is that not what you meant?


Seo-Hwa diselamatkan oleh Koo Wol-Ryung, tapi sinopsls laki-lakinya ditangkap oleh pemburu budak. Biok time i was cheering her on and then at another i wanted her get a grip of herself. I hope you will see my comment. Thank you for your long comment. She wanted him to live a regular life, raised by good people, at that moment, I believe she did the best that she could in that situation.

It was all sorts of hilarious and genius. Anony, I’ve found that it’s a way to endear herself to others, but asking obvious questions and then thanking and overpraising the people who answer.

Not really, not all day.

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damily A tear falls as he looks over at Kang-chi, surrounded by blue lights, still guarding Yeo-wool. B and C – I found the blue lights interesting too, but the rules of this world don’t seem to be very clear.

I also respect that you have to do what works for you and watch what you can handle. Why does that break my heart so? Ia berhasil mengubah hidupnya setelah mendapat peringkat pertama dalam ujian sarjana militer.

I think even Daddy knows Kangchi loves YW. Thanks for the recaps GF. Gu Kang-chi is so much hotter LOL. Kang-chi asks who he is, and bolts up to confront him. They really need to do their part in this whole thing Jo Gwan-woong gets really tipsy and stumbles over to Chung-jo. And TS, Im loving his character so far. Cheryl, i totally loved Chung Jo in this episode too! It would still be interesting to see how she reacts, when she comes face to face with KC: